The powerful New Moon in Aquarius on February 11th, hosted a rare six planet alignment. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn formed this Aquarius stellium. The last time this magnitude occurred was in February 2009, which hosted 6 planets + the North Node in Aquarius and the time prior to that was 1962 which hosted 7 planets + the South Node in Aquarius!

The emphasis now turns to how this powerful New Moon seed will manifest. The Weekly Horoscope will shed some light on the implications, from the perspective of your Sun Sign and the ‘solar chart’ that is cast on the basis of it. Admittedly, Horoscopes represent the tip of the iceberg, the ‘photograph image representing the actual movie’.

Astrology and EconomyGenerally, the New Moon on February 11th carries within it a Scorpio theme, which means some of the emphasis will be upon the economy.

Pluto’s position in the chart reveals that there will be some measurable changes over the coming month in this regard. In fact, the emphasis of Pluto’s exact degree reveals that these changes will prove especially transformational over the next 12 months. Yet, a process with many chapters will unfold over the next five years in particular, through to 2026! This will be the time period during which the economic resent (currently underway) is rolled out. It could well amount to a whole new cashless, globally networked economy.

Whether this is a good thing is another conversation, but it does seem inevitable.

Saturn / Uranus Squares

In the short term, the first of the three Saturn/Uranus Squares occurs on February 17th (Ash Wednesday) and it will likely manifest as sudden and unexpected events apparently coming from external sources, due to the ‘upper’ square’s association with Capricorn. This aspect is also symbolic of Autumn Equinox which marks a turning point in the cycle towards endings. However, despite this ‘downward turn’, it can also be described as ‘inward’.  This ‘turning inward’ can lead to great works and achievements. Paradoxically, on the other hand it also implies a co-mingling of people in a wide, complex and seemingly disparate assembly as might be imagined in a large, open market square. Among other things, this implies a carnival-like atmosphere.

Protest, AstrologyWhile this is the first of the 3 squares, due to Saturn turning Retrograde (May 23 – Oct 10), and the first of the 3 tends to appear to come out of ‘left field’ due to the Aquarian tone of this aspect, it is very likely to manifest as sudden and unexpected defiance against ‘authoritarian’ sectors and measures.

Also given the fact that it will occur while the Moon is rounding its first quarter turn, stemming from this powerful Aquarius New Moon, and will be exactly Conjunct Uranus at the very moment Saturn comes to Square, (a synchronicity the timing of which is nothing short of divinely poetic), the rebellious assertion will in fact be deliberate and bring with it considerable gravity and impact. Yet, it may emerge as sudden and surprising to many.


Since Uranus is currently in Taurus, the impact of this powerful aspect holds within it the reactive theme of the decline of personal wealth and livelihood that is occurring on a global scale. Given the concurrent reality of a global economic reset that is underway, it can be imagined that there is much more going on than is discussed openly and publicly. Of course, the affairs of state have always operated this way.

Looking at the Conjunction of Saturn and Uranus, the ‘seed event’ which occurred back on February 13th, 1988 (33 years ago almost exactly to the day), at the critical 29th degree of Sagittarius, it implies a process of overcoming that can seldom be rushed. The fact that this entire cycle ends only in 2079 suggests that this entire process is far from over, and will require patience, faith and cooperation.

The entire process can also be understood to be a co-creative process at a global level. Thus the political process formed by the triangle of government authority, wealthy and powerful private interests, and the mass populations in general, social debate, intrigue and revolution can be expected. Emphasis here is directed to the evolutionary process we each and collectively are engaged in.

So if you find yourself making sweeping judgments and assessment of ‘what should be and occur’, you may fail to realize that the revolutions of evolution, and the challenges they imply are the processes by which we spiritually evolve.

The way I see it according to my understanding of the core themes as revealed in Astrology; life on earth is a school for souls and there is no final outcome or utopia – just an ongoing process with ‘apparent’ outcomes and conclusions that simply merge back into the ocean of time once they come to their respective peaks. Thus our personal responsibility is to literally ‘mind our own business’, which may actually include taking a stand on the world stage or, it may lead us into retreat and everything in between. Either way, we each individually and collectively will invariably have to navigate between what we perceive and interpret to be the ‘good, the bad and the ugly’…

In the final analysis, whatever we think is true, ideal and right, conducting ourselves with awareness that we each are responsible for our mental and emotional states and our reactions, and that the ‘universe does not judge, but it does teach by consequences’, is the way of the wise.

Knowing what our path is and, more specifically, the finer details of our personal nature and destiny is where I can help you with Astrology to feel clear, empowered and at peace amidst an otherwise complex social, political and economic process.

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With Jupiter, (the ruler of Sagittarius), meanwhile in Aries, it may bring some solace to consider that this entire evolutionary process leading to a global economy is destined to occur. Aries is the sign of pioneering. In turn, Mars, the ruler of Aries, was also in Sagittarius and closely aligned with the Moon, which was trailing it, suggesting an ending to the attitudes and assumptions of free-market capitalism. Due to its already existing and probable future environmental impact, it may be said that we are experiencing the inevitable process of some measure of a form of global socialism. Interestingly, the degree of the Sun in the February 13th, 1988 Conjunction chart was 23 Aquarius, the exact same degree of the New Moon on February 11th, 2021… Mercury was also retrograde in Aquarius in the 1988 chart, just as it is right now!

Altogether, we have arrived at a critical turning point. It will unfold over the course of 2021, it is true, but we are about to experience some very exciting and probably dramatic and historical events before February 2021 is over.