Knowing what and when to study represents the sort of question(s) astrology can shed a lot of light on.

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Considering the prospect of education and the process that goes into it is an important and common theme in life. It is linked to career considerations, timing and, of course money. Just as we cannot simply be ‘anything we want’, as some would have it, neither are we oriented to do certain things. Our talents and interests are usually rather clear, though certainly not for everyone. Still, even within the fields of healing, for example, we are left to decipher what will be a good fit for us and what will prove financially worthwhile and at least sustainable in the long run.

We often hear of people who do a certain job and even career because they feel they have to. This may be true on occasion and even for prolonged periods of time, yet to give-up altogether on work that would be a better fit, which might if fact prove to represent a more authentic means of making a living and one that brings more overall satisfaction probably come with a much higher price than many people  realize.

The stresses of dissatisfaction linked to doing a job that does not suit us which we do out of fear and due to a lack of education and training are high and overlap into all other areas of our life. Depression, addiction, cynicism, low self-esteem, apathy, anger and probably even despair of among the negative consequences and each of these can lead to other issues as well.

People everywhere have university degrees that they do not use and many of them carry a debt load as well. And the list goes on. So, it is worth our whole to spend a little time and invest into making a more careful decision when it comes to education.

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