Frequently Asked Questions

  Reading through the questions and answers below will not only address your own specific questions about my services but also provide insights about astrology in general, as well.

 I have included quite a few questions, but there are probably others, so please feel free to send your questions if you do not see them listed below – by email: sunstarastrology@gmail.com

Q: I would like to Book a Reading, what is the best way for me to do that?

 A: The best way to Book a Reading is to fill in the form you will find by following this LINK which supports you to ask questions and provide any background you might want to include to sharpen the focus and facilitate the process. You can also call me Toll-Free at 1.800.836.0648 (Canada & U.S.A.) or you can send me an email directly.

Q: What specific information do you need to do my Astrology Reading?

A: To best do a thorough Reading for you please provide your:

1) Month

2) Day

3) Year

4) Time of Birth.


The Time of Birth is not absolutely required but the closer it is the sharper the interpretation can be.

Q: What is the minimum amount of time for a first session?

 A: 1 hour is the ideal minimum. Yet, to be thorough enough, 1.5 hours is recommended and even 2 hours. A thorough examination of the Natal Chart serves to identify your core life purpose and destiny itself merit a few hours even, to fully examine it. However, while you can revisit your Natal Chart repeatedly, a good option for a 1st time Reading is to get a Life Reading. 30 and even 45 minutes for a 1st-time session are seldom enough time, but the option is available based on the understanding that it only enough time to establish a foundation.

Q: What other kinds of Readings do you offer?

 A: There are actually many types of Readings you can have as this silent video will illustrate. You can also follow this link to gain more insight about each Reading which includes a short video for each as well.

 Q: What is the minimum amount of time for a follow-up session?

 A: 30 minutes.

 Q: How many questions can I ask in a 30-minute follow-up session?

 A: Usually 1, sometimes 2.

 Q: Are all sessions recorded?

 A: Yes, unless specifically requested otherwise by the client. The client is also welcome to record the session on their end, whether the session is conducted in person or by other technological means.

 Q: If the session is recorded, how do I get it?

 A: For in-person sessions, you are welcome to bring a memory stick whereupon the session can be downloaded and transferred to you prior to departure. For sessions conducted by phone or over the internet, the recording is sent by email by the company I use to send large files – HIGHTAIL.

 Q: What type of technology is required to listen to the recording?

 A: Any media player on your computer.

 Q: Can I download the recording onto my iPhone or Tablet?

 A: It depends on your device. Yet, it generally remains a good idea to DOWNLOAD the Wave File (recording) onto a laptop or desktop computer. If you have the Hightail App on your phone, you should be able to download it directly, but you will need the app.

 Q: What is the best way to pay for a reading?

 A: The 4-Best methods to pay for a reading are as follows: 1) eTransfer – sent to my email: sunstarastrology@gmail.com 2) Credit Card on my website under PRICING 3) Personal Cheque 4) Money Order from a Post Office or Bank (Post office is less expensive usually).


Q: Can I pay with cash.

 A: Yes, but I prefer that you do not for the sake of accurate accounting, so unless you do not have any other option, please do not pay with cash.

Q: Can I regard my Reading Receipt as a Tax Write-Off?

 A: As long as you have a business and at least part of your Reading is focused on business, then it is my understanding that yes, you can write off the cost of the Reading session as a legitimate business expense.

 Q: Do you require Pre-Payment for Readings?

A: Yes. However, in person Reading sessions can be paid for in-person at the time of the reading.

 Q: I want to get a reading for myself and my whole family as well; do you offer family package rates?

 A: Yes. Please follow this link to learn more about my Package Deals.

 Q: Does a Reading with you include my Birth Chart?

 A: Yes and a basic report that indicates the sign each planet is in, as well.

 Q: Can I have all my Charts, the transits, progressions and so as well as my Natal sent to me?

 A: Yes, upon special request you can have your Natal, as well as Transits, Progressions, Solar Arc, Lunar or Solar Return charts, Aspect Grids and you can have Mayan Charts as well if you like; these are part of your Reading package and are sent to you by email and do not incur any additional charges.

 Q: After a reading when I know what influences are happening for me, does being aware mean I can change the outcome?

 A: Ultimately, the answer is yes. It is true that some events are more probable than others, or at least the time period and duration can be determined by a high level of accuracy. However, simply by being aware of an upcoming event, cyclic process, challenge and so on, you already are and can have a positive effect and even be able to change the outcome. Sometimes it is your perspective that changes, while at others it is your attitude, interpretation, approach, understanding, choices leading up to it and or all of the above that changes thus changing the outcome in one way or another. Awareness, like knowledge = power!

 Q: can you tell me about someone else’s Astrology?

A: It is generally accepted that the 2nd party should at least know that another person is looking at their Astrology Natal chart. Otherwise, the answer is No. Consent is generally given by virtue of you obtaining the person’s birth date, place and time of birth unless perhaps you are a close family member. Looking at the charts of one’s children is always acceptable until the child becomes an adult.

Q: Can you see indications of past lives in a birth chart?

 A: Yes! It is difficult to be exact and names and addresses and even specific places and times are not known, however, what the chart offers is clues and can indicate karmic themes that have carried over. Often when I tell people what their past life was they often can relate very strongly to my interpretation.



Q: I really feel like I need a reading, but I do not have much money right now, got any suggestions?

 A: You can either begin with a mini reading of ½ an hour.

 Q: If you saw something negative in my chart, even fatal, would you tell me?

 A: Yes, helping people better understand their core life challenges and current challenges is an important feature of Astrological work.

Q: Are you an intuitive?

 A: Yes, as Astrology is an art and a science it requires a good intuition as well as sound logic on the part of the Astrologer. I always combine both.


Q: Are you a psychic Astrologer?

A: Yes, in as much as the terms intuitive and psychic or recognized to share a common basis. I receive messages, I gain flashes of insight and I use phrases that I seldom use during sessions that my clients recognize as their own. Psychics and Astrologers can provide similar information, but in my experience, Astrology can offer a good deal more detail.


Q: How does my Astrology Reading differ from a psychic reading?

 A: An Astrology reading is based on Astrology Charts or maps which require both logical and intuitive analysis and which require years of study to truly master. Interestingly, on a somewhat regular basis clients come to me without clear questions but by the time the session is over, they go away with a strong feeling that many if not all of their concerns and interests are met.

 Q: How exact are your predictions, generally?

 A: The dates and themes of events can be predicted with remarkable accuracy. However, due to free will and interpretation, whether these are changed or recognized at all sometimes is in question.


Q: Do you incorporate the Asteroids and Chiron into your work?

A: Yes, especially Chiron and the Asteroids as well, especially in relationship readings and when requested. I have studied the influence of these new additions to the Astrological pantheon and they are certainly representative of their own unique and special key themes.

 Q: Do you work deeply with Chiron?

 A: Yes, I believe Chiron to be a very important feature of modern day Astrological work. Chiron’s theme is one of healing and I subscribe to the notion that humanity is currently undergoing a healing revolution. The themes that Chiron represents in this regard are important to individuals as well as towards creating a bridge of consciousness between the material and the spiritual.

Q: Where does life coaching come into your work?

 A: I am a Certified Life Coach and, in addition to my work with Astrology, I also have clients who I provide coaching guidance for and have for several years now.

Q: What is the main difference between having an Astrology Reading and getting Life Coaching?

 A: A Reading is largely informational and insight oriented based on what is indicated in the astrological charts, whether I am looking at the Natal Chart or one of the many other techniques I use, which include prediction, whereas Life Coaching involves an ongoing dialogue in which I support my clients to decipher what they need and want and then help them to realize their goals and objectives according to a predetermined timeline and this also includes supporting them to come up with new solutions to the challenges they face.

It should also be noted that Astrology provides a very natural and supportive foundation for Life Coaching as it supports me greatly to support you by way of clearer insight into things and a timeline that goes with it beyond what basically amounts to common sense and strategic thinking.


 Q: Do you have experience with Medical Astrology?

 A: Yes, I have given focus to working with medical questions and have provided good insights to clients, but it is not my forte’.

 Q: Do you offer to counsel in your work?

 A: I do provide some measure of counseling in my sessions, yes, and especially in regard to spiritual themes and challenges and sometimes emotional too. An Astrology chart provides profound insights into one’s character so the opportunity to provide some measure of counsel and counseling is available, but not officially, and if I sense that a more professional counseling approach is required, I will refer you to a licensed professional.

 Q: Astronomers say Astrology has no basis in Science, so how can you claim that it works?

 A: It is very much a theme of different paradigms. Science is based on a paradigm which can generally be described as materialism. Astrology, on the other hand, is a metaphysical science which recognizes multi-dimensionality and spirituality, as in the understanding that people are souls incarnate.

Q: What does Astrology have to do with relationships and can it help me with mine?

 A: Astrology is all about relationships, actually. So, the focus on inter-personal relationships is very natural and common in astrological practice.

 Q: What kind of Relationship readings do you do; I hear there is more than one approach?

 A: I do both Synastry Readings, which can be described as the cosmic chemistry between any two people. And I also do Composite Relationship Readings, which serves to shed light on the purpose of the relationship. Generally, I provide insights from both in a single session. It should be noted, that a Relationship Reading requires a 90-minutes minimum. Often, I will bring focus to each person from the standpoint of their Natal Chart first and then include the Synastry and Composite perspectives. To be thorough, each partner would have a full Reading each first, then a Relationship Reading after. But the fast approach of 90-minutes, which does provide a good foundation, is a common place clients like to begin.

Q: Do you do Return Charts?

 A: Yes, I can Return Charts for any planet as far as Saturn and this includes the Sun and Moon.

 Q: I have changed my name; does that have an effect on my Astrology reading?

 A: No. This is not to say that a name change does not have an influence on you, but it does not change anything in your Birth Chart.

Q: Do you need my full name to do the reading?

A: No, not unless I choose or you request that I also include your Name Numerology. This system does offer a lot of insight and I and well versed in it and I do address the basics when I feel I want more insight on your character/personality orientations, strengths, and challenges.