Aquarius Horoscope : July 14 – 21, 2017

Adjusting and recalibrating to align with steadily changing circumstances continues. This has and continues to require a lot of effort. Yet, the focus has already begun to shift to more light-hearted activities. This trend will continue for several weeks. Make the most of it to rejuvenate and replenish your inspiration tanks.

Tip of the Week : July 14 - 21, 2017

Under the waning light of the Moon, the Sun will complete its cycle in Cancer. Mars too will leave Cancer where it has been since early June and enter Leo (July 20 – September 5). Mars in Cancer is a charged and edgy placement. It tends to coincide with renovations, major moves and activities generally requiring assertive action. But Mars in Cancer can prove to synchronize with violent events as well.

Positively, Mars in Cancer can prove to be a very productive time but seldom one without diligent efforts and what might be described as grit and grind. It also often coincides with aggressive moods, events, emotional upsets, and meltdowns. With Mars in the final stretch of Cancer where the pressure to complete the themes of the cycle is present, it can prove very helpful to be aware of how they affect you personally and those you love and care about.

By next week, Mars and the Sun will be in Leo joining Mercury which will be forming an exact conjunction to the Lunar North Node in Leo. This presents a playful and exciting theme and invites participation. Mercury will soon enter Virgo where it will remain throughout August before re-entering Leo for the first 10 days of September due to its tri-annual retrograde cycle. Mercury is well placed in Virgo and can prove very productive, yet is more serious and not quite as playful and animated.

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