Aquarius Horoscope : July 7 – 14, 2017

A process of adjustments, refinements, and improvements, in general, is underway. Your focus is directed both within and without. Since everything in existence is constantly changing, we are ever challenged to re-center. Doing so requires intuitive attunement. Failure to tune-in produces imbalances. Invite open communications with others in this regard and listen for clues.

Tip of the Week : July 7 - 14, 2017

When the Sun is in Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon, moods tend to swing more wildly than at other times of the year. This certainly includes highs but lows too and the shifts come quickly. With the Moon coming to full in Capricorn on July 8th, the usual spike in the graph can also be expected. Given the larger planetary background, an added measure of drama is indicated. This Sun/Moon/Earth relationship is the very foundation of astrology and observations of the synchronicities they produce represent the origins of science itself.

The larger background must always be considered. The orbiting planets are ever in motion and are never in the exact same relationship twice when the whole picture of the solar system is factored in. Since each planet symbolizes distinct archetypal forces which are mitigated according to the signs they are in and the aspects that each makes to other planets, the energy patterns are ever changing and these together reveal the greater flows of destiny. These destiny flows can be measured and this is what the science of astrology is all about.

The personal impact of the planets includes the Natal Chart which is cast for the moment of first breath. This applies to countries, provinces and states, cities, business and any legal entity in existence. The difference between these and individual persons are activated by the official signature as opposed to the first breath. This level of astrology is called Mundane Astrology and what it suggests is that, like people, places have a distinct character and personality as well and are also subject to the cycles of change and these too are measurable. Have you ever noticed how each place you go to is unique? The reason is linked to the astrology of that place.

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