Aquarius Horoscope : March 17 – 24, 2017

A series of rather deep changes have been steadily underway for over a year now. These are challenging you to move on and perhaps away… from old perspectives. But doing so won’t come so easily. You have work to do and it may amount to some deliberate adjustments of your perspectives.

Tip of the Week : March 17 - 24, 2017

Despite all the drama in the world, it can be satisfying to realize that St. Patrick’s Day is here to announce the official arrival of spring. So, raise a glass in cheer. The Sun enters Aries marking the exact official moment of Equinox on March 20 at 3:29 am PDT. The waning Moon will be at exact half mast a wee bit over 5 hours later when it enters Capricorn. So, both Sun and Moon will be at 0 degrees of the Cardinal Signs, Aries, and Capricorn respectively. On March 18 Mercury was conjunct Venus in Aries activating a new cycle, and both were otherwise unaspected.

This reveals an assertive dynamic that will characterize the spring season.
This combination of factors says something like, ‘you could have anything if you simply knew what it was’. Looking at the world stage we see some of our more prominent leaders expressing this confusion. Venus is the planet of desires and it is in something of a predicament, in Aries and retrograde. In the deeper reaches of the current planetary alignments, there is an emerging call for spiritual healing.

The suggestion is that humanity has entered a collective soul-searching time. The search ends and the goal is realized when we realize that we are souls. Unfortunately and ironically, our educational system has educated us out of this realization and we have become lost in the maze of our mind. Intellect sits on the throne, the rightful seat of the heart and Mickey Mouse has the wand. This dilemma will not likely be reconciled soon and, as the story goes, the mouse will first wreck havoc. For now, what we can do is realize the issue, that the wand is in the wrong hands (left brain dominance) and the evidence of it is everywhere to be seen. So, raise a glass now with cheer, at least the challenge is clear.

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