Cancer Horoscope : June 2 – 9, 2017

The call to slow down, rest and recharge, continues. However, an intercept pattern is coming in that will activate your drive and determination. Balancing these two opposing energy patterns will prove important. Make extra efforts to manage your energy levels and direct more attention to your health.

Tip of the Week : June 2 - 9, 2017

Last week’s New Moon in Gemini comes to its first quarter turn and whatever is destined to occur will be apparent by now. Among the significant features of this waxing celestial seed is that it is the first New Moon to host the North Node in Leo. What this basically suggests is that we are experiencing a sharp spike on the emotional charts at both personal and collective levels. The 18-month cycle of the North Node in Leo will prove to be noticeably dramatic. I predicted that this would be the case several weeks ago and the signs of it are quite evident already.

Month 6 in this Universal 1-Year = 7, the number of initiation. One of the key phrases for 7 regarding cycles of activity is ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’. This theme of influence will affect us all on collective levels. Our own individual cycles will determine how much we are destined to be influenced in our personal life. As with the planets in Astrology, these Numerological cycles are not the cause of changes, they simply reveal the destiny theme that is ready to manifest. They are the archetypal code and are not the cause.

In terms of Planetary alignments, a Grand Trine which includes Saturn conjunct the Galactic Center, which is serving to activate a focus on collective spiritual levels, in trine to Uranus conjunct Venus in Aries, symbolic of revolutionary actions, trine the Lunar North Node in Leo and all of these are directly activating Mars in Gemini which is placed at a pivotal point and is thereby receiving the flow of energy in a concentrated expression, like a laser beam. The consequence of this is energy levels running high and a good deal of excitement, activity, and drama. These are indeed interesting and complex times.

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