Capricorn Horoscope : May 26 – June 2, 2017

Your mind is riveted to get answers. Many questions are crisscrossing and leading you to many different possible scenarios. Old relationship patterns are destined to be replaced by new ones. If you are fixed and stubborn in your attitude and interpretations and/or regarding perpetuating the status quo, things will feel heavy and difficult. Look for the openings.

Tip of the Week : May 26 - June 2, 2017

This Universal 1-Year continues to activate new initiatives at every level of society. All over the world, new governments have been elected and are beginning to exercise their power. This is how synchronicity works. Some call it the collective unconscious and others refer to it as the Holy Spirit. However you wish to describe it, there is a collective mind that weaves all apparently random and separate people and events into a grand unison. The main theme for 2017, therefore is the seeds of significant change that will affect us all for the entire 9-Year round that has begun.

Regarding planetary energies, Saturn, Uranus, and Chiron in the backdrop are in close exchange and this is synchronizing with the realization improvement and healing at a collective level. The biggest challenge is gaining a consensus on what is needed and how it should be done. Of course, political debate and the struggle to achieve meaningful change are ever subject to dramatic processes. The North Node in Leo is closely linked to this energy dynamic and suggests that many new and powerful leaders are and will enter the world stage at this time.

So, the revolution is on and positive changes are occurring. Probably the most pivotal of these includes technological advances and social structural changes linked to energy sources. Replacing biofuels is the goal and it is happening. So, by 2026 we will be living in a much-changed world and there are many good indications that it will be better. Any appeals and initiatives to move back in the direction of biofuels can probably be interpreted as a clear indication that such moves are in the wrong direction, from the standpoint of the direction of the collective energies appear to be leading us, all.

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