Capricorn Horoscope : Oct 27 – Nov 3, 2017

A spike in public prominence continues to keep you busy. Yet inwardly, old commitments and relationship patterns are rapidly dissolving. All being well, this could be a perfect balance. Still, circumstances are calling for a blend of grit and grace. Getting to the bottom of things whatever it takes while also nurturing the needs of others is the delicate balance.

Tip of the Week : Oct 27 - Nov 3, 2017

Horoscope for the week:

The Sun entered Scorpio on October 22 from Mountain Time and west and October 23rd everywhere else. Mercury was already there as of October 17th and remains in close proximity to Jupiter which entered on October 10th. Mars entered Libra almost exactly 12 hours prior to the Sun ingress Scorpio. Mars which co-rules Scorpio along with Pluto can prove edgy and provocative in Libra despite all intentions to the contrary. Pluto is unaspected in Capricorn which tends to produce a ‘wild card’ effect, rendering it even more unpredictable.

Looking at the state of the world and the human condition, there is a lot happening. Some might simply regard it as ‘the same old, same old’. The timeless turbulence of human dynamics, resonant of Shakespearean themes, revealing essentially similar plots, intrigues, and antics despite variances in the setting is the never-ending human story. As the famous French language sayings go, ‘Le plus ca changes, le plus c’est la meme choses’ and (et) c’est la vie.

The drama on the world stage is ever filled with endings, desecration, and death, but also with birth and new beginnings of all kinds. In between these two extremes are transformation and rebirth. All of these are features of the Scorpio archetype. An archetype is not merely a symbol or a sign or a constellation or a time of the year. An archetype can basically be defined as a core or an essential principle of life however one chooses to label it. Synchronicity is the timing factor that is suggestive of deeper purposes and meanings at play. Astrology is all about archetypes and synchronicity. How are these playing out in your life? With the help of astrology, I can help you to understand the deeper meaning and purpose.

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