Gemini Horoscope : November 17 – 24, 2017

Changes in your lifestyle are underway. The overall state of affairs is changing and this may be the source of some anxiety. The challenge to be faithful in it is all is high. One of the keys is to give more. This can occur by gathering tools and learning new skills to leverage your position. Focus to be decisive and committed to following through.

Tip of the Week : November 17 - 24, 2017

2017, year 1 of a new round has proven transformational for pretty much everyone. The number 1-Year is like this: raw, assertive, aggressive even, boldly pushing us to go where we have not been before. Thus, 1 is the number of new beginnings fresh starts and pioneering initiatives. Of course, these invariably entail endings. Both ends of the deal can be difficult, transformational and life-altering. As well, as is true of new beginnings, they set the tone, themes for the 8 years to follow.

Pushed out of the familiar, secure comfort zone, people commonly react and resist, or are challenged to rise to the occasion and participate cooperatively. This is how our ego is – security oriented – and that is valid. But, the river of life has a strong current and some of its twists and turns quickly become rapids. But, there are and will invariably be calmer stretches in between. Altogether, these are a reminder to be grateful for the joyful windows and humble and compassionate and supportive with the experiences of others because some have much harder lessons and destinies than others and the tables can and do turn quickly.

This general indication of larger themes affecting us all may seem simplistic, but it works quite well indeed. It actually represents the fact that we are all engaged in a co-creative process, whether we know it, like it, believe it, or not. Yet, skepticism falls hard when evidence piles up into heaps, like now. The measuring abilities of Numerology and Astrology work very well and can help you in your personal life too. These are just samples addressing collective themes and trends, but upon reflection, you may recognize that they work well indeed.

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