Gemini Horoscope : Oct. 20 – 27, 2017

A playful and romantic cycle is underway. The romance could well be directed to creative pursuits and mini-adventures too. Closer to home, a repair and renovation cycle is underway. This could prove literally true or include more abstract and psychological themes. Finding your voice and sharing your message is an important background theme.

Tip of the Week : Oct. 20 - 27, 2017

The Libra New Moon occurred on October 19th at 26 Libra 35. If you have planets at this degree you will feel the impact more strongly. It will activate new beginnings synchronizing either by your own initiatives or, depending on the details of your Natal Chart, will manifest as apparently coincidental external events.

Synchronicity works this way. There is ever a deeper meaning and purpose in every event, but they are not always recognized as such since they do not produce sharp spikes on the graph. Yet, everything is a feature of a seamless flow that is can be described as the ‘great continuum’. How we choose to interpret them is our individual choice and privilege.

The Sun in Libra will yield to Scorpio this week (October 22nd MDT & westward and the 23rd everywhere else) joining forces with Jupiter and Mercury. Given the steady pace of tragic and devastating natural disasters occurring everywhere, desecrating and scorching the land and leaving death and carnage in their wake, one might think that we are in the Age of Scorpio, not Aquarius. Well, in its foundational structure, Scorpio holds a prominent position in the Age of Aquarius and whether these events are interpreted as natural, deliberate or otherwise, they will likely continue.

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