Libra Horoscope : April 21 – 28, 2017

Recent relationship encounters are now entering their next effective phase, the deep end. This is when their future potential will be assessed and tested. Was it all an emotional and imaginative ride or were there actually some seeds of destiny there? You will know the answer soon. Focus on asserting your genuine thoughts and feelings about it all.

Tip of the Week : April 21 - 28, 2017

The Sun enters Taurus on April 19 at 2:27 pm (all times listed in PDT) and engages Retrograde Mercury in an interesting exchange as they first form an exact conjunction at 10:54 pm and then Mercury re-enters Aries, the previous sign, at 10:37 am on April 20th. Since we are referring to planets and stars, the time factor is very close.

All the while, the Moon arrived at 4th Quarter on the 19th as well at 2:57 am while at the 29th degree of Capricorn with the Sun at the 29th of Aries. A planet at 29 degrees is regarded at ‘critical’ in astrology and symbolizes ‘something to be overcome’. What should be overcome merits more than one answer, but it includes crimes against humanity perpetrated by powers that are securely concealed from public view.

This is also the Moon Phase that produces the effect of the Moon appearing to be cut exactly in half. Otherwise called a Sun/Moon Square, this is a complicated aspect which can be described as the left hand not knowing what the right is up to. It also marks a sharp turning point so expect some noticeable shifts or have a peek back over the past week.

Pluto turning retrograde on April 20th as well at 5:49 am and Mars entering Gemini on April 21st, indicating that it too has been hovering at 29 Taurus all the while added even more fervor to the series of events listed above. Mars in Taurus is a challenging sign position for the red planet as the Yang active force meets the Yin fixed principle at its peak. Altogether, the Sun entering Taurus is eventful indeed.

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