Pisces Horoscope : June 23 – 30, 2017

Waves of inspiration are washing in on your shores. These are the kind that may well produce abundance in many respects. There is a playful element present as well as an adventurous one. So, this is an exciting window that is yours to appreciate. It is said the ‘God is in the details’ and you are about to get a plethora of glimpses of divinity made manifest.

Tip of the Week : June 23 - 30, 2017

Happy Summer Solstice! The longest day of the year is always accompanied by this being the beginning of the process of the hours of daylight getting shorter and shorter for the next six months. On the high side, however, it is summer here in the Northern Hemisphere anyway and this is the time of the year when families gather and we all feel inspired to play more. What is special about this summer is that it includes an added measure of drive to access creative gifts and abilities and this appears to be true for all signs.

While the fact that this Universal 1-Year began on a New Moon, which is in-sync with the theme of new beginnings, the fact that Summer Solstice (June 21st) occurs while the Moon is in its late waning phase lends to the increasing strangeness of 2017. In this regard, we might expect that this entire 9-year cycle will prove to be increasingly strange as well.

The reasons for this theme of eccentric and alarming drama are many. In some respects, the roots of these outer expressions are very deep indeed. Among these is that this dawning Age of Aquarius finds its earliest inceptions some 5 centuries ago. Few will understand the reasons for this but they are clear when understood. In other respects and featured in this 2160 year cycle is a theme of global awakening which can largely be traced to the internet. It is serving to revolutionize the truths that we have been taught and which have largely otherwise seldom been questioned.

As this year progresses and over the remaining 9 years in this cycle, since this first one has just begun, the firm foundations of accepted truth will continue to crack and heave. This will cause reactions and drama at every level of society. True to the themes of the Aquarian Age, the impulse of revolution will not soon subside; in fact, we should anticipate that it will increase measurably. Positively, this dynamic provides a rich opportunity for personal growth and evolution and this is where I can guide you with the profound insights that I can access for you with the powerful tool that astrology is.

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