Sagittarius Horoscope : Nov. 03 – 10, 2017

A mix of revolutionary and saint may describe your mood of late. The revolutionary wants to break through external restrictions while the saint is oriented to clear the internal blocks. The inner process implies attitudes, perceptions, interpretations, and beliefs. It is your right to choose what these are. The main question is: are they working for you?

Tip of the Week : Nov. 03 - 10, 2017

The silvery light of the Full Moon illuminating the dark November skies brings with it a tone of mystery. Although it is an annual event, the larger backdrop of planets is ever in motion and so never the same. In this way, we are ever subject to the changing cycles of time. These cycles occur both at a collective level are also invariably personal. We each have our own relationship with existence and the deeper themes and timing of it is what astrology measures. What is so exciting is that it measures it so well. It should not work so well according to our current paradigm of materialism, but it does. Ergo, our current paradigm is limited. One wonders if it is not the ambitions of monopoly that are interested in perpetuating this limitation. Divide and conquer is such an effective strategy.

The demons, ghosts, and ghouls have had their moment in this time of the thinning of the veils and ‘all saints have come and gone as well. Yet, like all good parties, some invariably linger longer and try to spark a new high even though most have returned home. Yet, the peak point for this annual nightmarish festival, which coincides with the mid-point between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice, actually occurs this week. In Pagan tradition, it is called Samhain and it coincides with 15 degrees Scorpio in the Tropical Zodiac, which occurs annually on or within a day of November 7th.

Samhain can be compared to the beginning of the last of the main 8 phases of the Moon. Both indicate a period of increasing darkness which inclines people to go within, both literally, as in to stay indoors more, and psychologically, which implies turning within to reflect upon the past and begin to prepare for the new solar cycle which begins at the moment of Winter Solstice. These traditions which honor the rhythms of nature are ancient and globally recognized. Sadly, due to the ambitions of religion, appreciation for this natural cycle and their sacredness it inspires was twisted and maligned to be regarded as dark and evil. Observe our relationship with nature now.

While not strictly a Pagan tradition, yet holding a prominent position in this ancient reverence for nature and the natural cycle of the seasons and the sun’s light, astrology too has been twisted and maligned. First, this was done by the church and then by zealous attitudes that emerged with the advent of the scientific revolution about four centuries ago. Despite the many achievements that these revolutions have procured, it may be wondered if we did not unwittingly ‘throw out the baby with the bathwater’. This may also be described as a consequence of ambition and the results of confusion regarding ends and means.

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