Taurus Horoscope : July 28 – August 4, 2017

You yearn to get to the heart of matters these days. Refined simplicity appeals to you. Yet, beauty, balance, and harmony are also high on your list. Directing a constructively critical perspective on your life has begun and will deepen this week. Activate your heart beacon to decipher what and where constitutes home.

Tip of the Week : July 28 - August 4, 2017

This week on August 2nd at 10:31 pm PDT, Uranus will turn retrograde. What is especially significant about this not so rare event is that it joins forces with Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and the maverick planetoid Chiron, which are all also currently retrograde and none of which were retrograde until April 5th when Saturn led the charge. Essentially, when the far planets turn retrograde, the plots of our lives thicken.

This is especially true, if while ‘direct’ (not retrograde), any of the far planets in transit forms a close aspect to any of the planets or angles (Cardinal Points, such as Ascendant or Midheaven…) in our Natal Charts. If the aspect happens to be a conjunction, the theme includes important new beginnings, which usually also naturally imply key endings. Consequently, when the transiting planet turns retrograde, it makes the same aspect again, but in reverse. The result is that the themes and areas of our lives affected, which can only be truly determined by a close examination of one’s Natal Chart, subtlely, surely and pervasively synchronize with a deepening of the themes implied.

The retrograde stage of transiting planets reconnecting with planets and angles in our Natal Charts is the stage when the ‘real work’ happens. This is an example of how measuring the timing of such motions of the planets reveals a deeper destiny at play and, subsequently, the evidence of a conscious, intentional and purposeful universe. So, look back over the past four months and ask yourself, has my life or that of anyone else I know undergone significant changes? As well, be aware, the next phase of deepening is destined to begin this week.

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