Virgo Horoscope : May 19 – 26, 2017

Your career, reputation, and public life will gain added attention starting this week especially. You are looking for answers and directions. If you have been asking sincerely and looking for the answers then they should be rolling in by now. Getting training and instruction now are probably more important than giving it.

Tip of the Week : May 19 - 26, 2017

Last week I provided a peek into what themes will be activated for each sign over the course of the next 18 months from the perspective of the Moon’s Nodes entering Leo and Aquarius on May 9th. This week I will bring provide an overview on the basis of the ‘ingress chart’, the chart cast for the moment when the change occurred. In its own way, the moment of ingress is like a Natal Chart in that it gives birth to a specific theme. This can be done for any planet entering a new sign so it is not a rare event and the Lunar Nodes change signs about every year and a half. Yet, since the Nodal Axis is so closely linked to themes of destiny, they take on special importance.

Some of the emphasis is on social justice linked to moral, humanistic and even spiritual themes. Healing broken and even severed links to spiritual dimensions will remain a strong focus for those destined to ‘keep the candles lit’. Yet, these are outweighed by the forces of change and progress. Further, the drive of innovation backed by ambition and its shadow, greed, is strongly emphasized. What we are likely to witness is unprecedented levels of audacity. This is hardly a new theme on the world stage, but it is neither simply a thing of the past.

Positively, the next 18-months will prove very exciting as a revolutionary thrust forward, and at mass levels, becomes the new norm. While robotics has been around for decades now, we are destined to undergo the next stage of that revolution and this may be especially where the biggest waves of change happen. Many people will feel left behind and their needs not met and this could produce a new level of psychological challenges at both individual and collective levels. Awareness allows us to make wise choices which include knowing ourselves better and our destiny so we can be proactive and not reactive. This is where the insights I can provide you with astrology can help a lot.

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