Life Reading

A Life Reading is perhaps the best kind of Reading to get for a first-time visit.
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A Life Reading is designed to cover the following 5 features: 

  1.  Who you are, in terms of personality strengths and challenges. This reaches beyond the superficial and takes an in-depth look at your personality and soul connection.
  2. Where you are coming from, implying what truly motivates you, values, family background and even glimpses into past lives. This can include a look at early childhood conditioning, family patterns, your birth order and even offers an educated guess at your past life.
  3. Where you are going to, which implies destiny at various levels – spiritual, psychological and professional. This emphasizes a focus upon your destiny in terms of career, relationship experiences and/or general evolutionary needs etc.
  4. Where you are at now in your life and what evolutionary processes or cycles of change are active now. This focus addresses life cycles and rhythms and helps you gain context or a sense of reference about your life and how you can become more conscious and in tune with natural rhythms.
  5. What is next, implying an overview of the next one to five years or perhaps even further ahead yet. Finally, I look at what cycles you are in and what you can probably expect in the foreseeable future anywhere from the next month to the next several years. And, more importantly, how you can consciously engage to co-create a more meaningful, purposeful and interesting life.
I invite you to gain a deep and though look at who you are and what constitutes the destiny of your life and the place you are at now in time towards realizing a more empowered state of being.

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 I would usually encourage a deeper examination of your Natal Chart, but although the Life Reading is not quite as deep, unless more time is allotted, it does provide more scope. While this type of reading is generally very useful and effective, it can become too washed-out for some client’s actual needs and interests at the time of the session. For this reason, the information provided under each heading for Readings in this drop down menu is designed to better inform you of what Astrology offers and how you can get your needs met best by having a personal appointment.

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