Life Reading

A Life Reading is perhaps the best kind of Reading to get for a first-time visit.
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A Life Reading covers the following 5 features: 

  1.  Who you are, in terms of personality, strengths, and challenges. 
  2. Where you are coming from, implying what truly motivates you, values, family background and even glimpses into past lives.
  3. Where you are going to, which implies destiny at various levels: spiritual, psychological and professional. 
  4. Where you are at now in your life and what evolutionary processes or cycles of change are active now. 
  5. What is next, implying an overview of the next one to five years or perhaps even further ahead yet. 
I invite you to gain a deep and though look at who you are and what constitutes the destiny of your life and the place you are at now in time towards realizing a more empowered state of being.

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