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Link Exchange:              


The Cosmos Within


Client Resources:


Alternative Education:           

  • Resource Website            


  • Transpersonal Hypnotherapy
  • The Grid (Trigger Point Therapy)
  • Earth Calm (EMF Protection)
  • Brain State Technologies         
  • Family Constellations Therapy
  • Feldenkrais & Somatic Movement
  • Understanding Personality Disorders


  •  Debt Consolidation      Categories&
  • Find Your Right Job in BC     
  • Environment Jobs        
  • Canadian Grants          

Higher Education:

  • York University – Toronto       
  • Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
  • Teach English as Second Language

Spirituality & Metaphysics:

  • Archetypes                                  
  • Asking Angels (cutting etheric chords…
  • A Course in Miracles                
  • Conscious Universe       
  • A Creation Story – Flower of Life
  • The Law of Attraction             
  • The Michael Teachings           

Alternative & Revolutionary Theories:

  • Thunderbolts Project (Challenges Big Bang Theory) 
  • Cosmic Thunderbolts:                                           
  • The Collapse of Physics as We Know it     
  • The Mind Unleashed (magazine)