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Compelling Content For Your Clients and Website Visitors
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Want increased traffic to your website, and visitors who consistently return?


Host Michael O’Connor’s popular Weekly Horoscope on your site, 

to provide compelling content for your audience.

A well-known Astrologer and Horoscope Columnist since 1993, Michael has provided weekly, monthly, and yearly Horoscopes for multiple print and online publications in Canada and the U.S.

Listing Michael’s Weekly or Monthly Horoscope is sure to boost your readership, providing your followers with compelling, consistent, and relevant content, that will keep them coming back for more…!


Begin Anytime


I really love your horoscopes, Michael, I find them so on point all the time,

and look forward to every Friday to hear from you.” ~ Grace

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Option 1

List Michael’s Weekly Horoscope on your website for an annual fee of $360 (CAD) (= $5.75/week).

This option includes you becoming an Annual Member (a $60 value with full benefits – learn more about Membership benefits). 

This means that every week you will receive an email with the Weekly Horoscope with a short Tip of the Week that you can simply copy and paste to post on your website. 


You will receive my longer Annual Member’s Horoscope every week and month with Member’s exclusive content, 

As a Member, you would enjoy an automatic 15% off Readings, Gift Certificates, Webinars and Courses, and all the other benefits of being an Annual Member!

* (If you are already an Annual Member, the $60 Annual Membership fee will be pro-rated according to your start date and offered as credit towards any of Michael’s services or will be deducted from the $360 annual fee amount.


Option 2 

List Michael’s Weekly Horoscope on your website for FREE, which will include his name, email, and phone number ( but NOT his website link, which would possibly redirect visitors away from your website).

This FREE option allows for the inclusion of occasional promotional specials during the year that would include a link to a specific landing page on Michael’s website.

Examples of Promotional Specials: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s / Father’s Day, Canada/U.S. Independence Day, Graduation time, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. 


Option 3

Refer someone and get rewarded! Do you know someone with a website that you can refer to list Michael’s Weekly Horoscope? Receive a FREE Annual Membership and a 30-minute Reading! 

Contact Michael to Get Started!

I have been inspired by your weekly horoscope for numerous years now. Thank you for providing some light and uplifting courage when it has been needed most for me. Your weekly horoscope couldn’t be more succinct with my life right now.” M. Stewart

Wow, loved your horoscope for this week; juicy stuff!!” ~ Alexa

Hey Michael, I think I have said it before, but have to say it again. It´s really amazing when reading your weekly horoscopes so often I think, you have written it for me personally. I know you haven’t, but it is so on the point. Many thanks.” ~ Beate

WOW what an amazing weekly horoscope. I have passed it on to many friends and discussed it with them.” ~ Joel