Natal Chart

Your journey with Astrology Readings begins with your Natal Chart.



A Natal Chart is otherwise referred to as a Birth Chart or the Radix Chart.

Beginning with a close examination of your Natal Chart establishes the foundation.   This step is important because of subsequent considerations like cycles, events, and timing (Transits, Progressions, and Returns), and so on, stem from this foundation. This is where I provide you with important insights into your core nature, destiny, evolutionary needs and life purpose. This knowledge supports greater clarity regarding your decision-making process, by providing valuable contextual knowledge. The insights that you can gain about your core nature, temperament and destiny are extensive, but the basics can be deciphered very quickly.

All current or past influences and future directions, probabilities, and possibilities stem from a clear and thorough assessment of your Natal Chart.

Once a foundation of insight and understanding of your Natal Chart is established, I can provide you with clearer and more accurate insights into subsequent questions like your best career direction or relationship choices or location and so on….

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