All Readings – Overview

There are many Types of Readings you can have and you are welcome to ask a variety of questions.



Readings can also focus on the following categories: 

Relationships * Life Changes and Timing * Career * Future Directions * 12-Month Forecast * Best Time to Sign or Launch

  …and more…


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For best results, first-time appointments should be 1-hour, minimum.

  • First-time sessions are best achieved in a minimum of 60-minutes but 90 and 120-minute sessions are often required to provide the depth and scope you will want, especially when you have a lot of questions.
  • You are welcome to begin with a shorter session, if you want, however, 30 and 45-minute sessions are generally reserved for follow-up sessions.
  • All Readings are based on your Natal Chart which reveals the foundations of your personality strengths and challenges, fate and destiny.  
  • To support a more thorough process, I have created a special package rate called Pay-it-Forward which supports a 2-3 session strategy during which you can ask a 5 major questions or more. Learn more about it and other Package Deals HERE
  • Or contact me directly to discuss your options:  1-800-836-0648



The insights provided from Readings range from practical and immediate concerns to deeper, spiritual and psychological knowledge and guidance:

  • Practical and immediate questions include career, employment,  timing, relocation, real estate, travel, relationships, health, forecasts encompassing time periods as short as a month and up to several years with glimpses even decades ahead and other current trends and realities.
  • The deeper spiritual and psychological insights provided range from balances and imbalances to character strengths and challenges, past lives and karmic patterns and their influences.
  • The clearer you are about what you want and need and can gain from a session, the more precise the preparation for your reading can be prior to the actual time of your appointment.
  • The cost of any session is determined by the duration of the Reading and not by the particular focus and/or questions you may have.
  • All sessions are recorded and sent to you by email and include a copy of your Natal Chart, a report that serves to translate to basically translate the symbols, and self-help material specifically chosen for you.