Package 360 – Astrology Readings + Bonuses

Package 360 – Astrology Readings + Bonuses

Get a 360-degree look at yourself, your destiny, and timing.


Yes, I Love a Bargain!

This package can be described as the price suggests, as a well-rounded approach to addressing a full spectrum of your questions and interests and it comes with two added bonuses of time and a 1-year Membership = a value of $120!! 

With your purchase, you receive a bulk amount of time PLUS:

1) Bonus 30-minutes ($60 value)

2) FREE 1-Year Membership ($60 value), which also gives you even more discounts on future Readings, plus in-depth weekly forecasts and other bonuses!

(Learn more about Membership benefits).

Or, if you already have a Membership, you can exchange it for 30 minutes of Reading time or towards a Masterclass.


The Entry Fee for any MASTERCLASS can be exchanged for 30 minutes of Reading time purchased!

240 Minutes (4 hours) = $360

Package 360 Astrology Reading


What’s even better?

ANY amount of the time in this package can be leveraged for Masterclasses and Gift Certificates as well! Apply any amount of time from the Package 360 toward Michael’s other offerings, to give you even more freedom to choose what you want. 

NOTE – Any other Reading purchase that you’ve already made can be topped up to the Package 360 within 1 year of your initial purchase.


Any area of interest can be included in the Package 360, as listed here.

This Package is a great option if you are committed to gaining profound insight into yourself, the timing of your destiny, and how it impacts the significant others in your life, and you love a great bargain!


*Pay it Forward and know with confidence, that any of the time or free Membership can be gifted to someone else as a Gift Certificate.

And the time purchased NEVER expires!


* Want to upgrade to this package special and add on time to an existing booking? Contact me first, and then choose the Open Amount button at the bottom of the Pricing Page.

“This is seriously the best reading I have ever received in my life. I have had previous astrology readings and nothing compares to the guidance, inspiration, and validation I received from Michael today. I am totally mind blown with the accuracy of the information I received. This is not your typical astrology reading. Michael is very well-read and takes pride in ensuring you get everything you need from your reading. I could tell he is very passionate about his work and in making sure his clients leave satisfied. He is also very compassionate and easy to talk to. He explains things well and provides you with practical guidance. I will definitely be consulting with Michael again in the future and referring others. I only wish I had booked a reading sooner. Thank you so much, Michael!! You are so good at what you do.” – Neena

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