Package Deals


There are 4 Package Deals that you may want to take advantage of and they are categorized as follows:

1 – Relationship Spotlight

2 – Family Affair

3 – Pay-it-Forward

4 – Life Coaching

Relationship Spotlight

This Package includes a 1-hour Reading for each person to bring special attention to you both and 1-hour devoted to bringing insight and guidance to the relationship dynamics that exist between you.

Whether yours is a love relationship, business partnership, parent and child, friends, colleagues and so on…, gaining insight about the dynamics that exist between you can prove very illuminating, supportive and healing too.

You can choose to listen in on one another’s session or keep them separate. As well, the sessions can be done back to back, or you may choose to do each at different appointment dates and times, thus affording the time to listen, digest and share the sessions with one another before moving on to the next phase.

Family Affair

This Package caters to families of all kinds and sizes. Whether yours is a family of 3 0r 9 or whatever, you can choose to divide the 3-hours in any way you like.  In some cases, the Reading will be given to one or both parents while in others, the time can be given specifically to each family member. If you have a close friend who you consider ‘family’ that is fine too.

Perhaps your family includes members who are adopted or fostered or who are simply considered family, anyone you decide qualifies.

In some cases, the Reading will be given to one or both parents while in others, the time can be given specifically to each family member.


This  Package is a good option for anyone who would like to either purchase a chunk of time for Astrology/Numerology Readings which they can use in time portions of any size they want over the course of several weeks, months or the year, within the context of the time remaining. As well, you can choose to give any portion of the time remaining as a gift. A Gift Certificate can be sent by email to anyone you choose and at no extra cost.

Life Coaching

This Package is specifically designated for investing in my Life Coaching services, which more accurately is described as Personal and Spiritual Development Coaching. The emphasis is upon authentic self-actualization and so combines the deeper spiritual themes of your life with your practical goals. In addition to deep insights into your nature, character, and destiny with the help of Astrology and Numerology, the focus is to support you over a specific period of time to both address everyday challenges and to focus and follow through on very specific and powerful choices backed by an action plan. Astrology and Numerology truly can be regarded as the first Life Coaching tools ever created. When combined with the modern strategies of Life Coaching, which basically includes goal setting, focus, and follow-through, the support you will receive is that much more authentic and tailored to your genuine needs and personal success story which does not necessarily align with mainstream attitudes and interpretations.

– The first two packages amount to 3-Hours of Reading time and qualify for a $50 Discount! So, instead of $300, the cost is $250 (+gst).

- The third package (Pay-it-Forward) does cost $300 (+gst) but qualifies for a bonus 30-minutes, so instead of 180-minutes, you get 210-minutes.

- The fourth package (Life Coaching) includes 12 – 30-minute Power Sessions which amounts to 6 hours of time for the usual cost of 5-hours or $500. As well, you get an initial 30-minutes FREE even prior to paying anything to decipher both your main goals and if you feel that working with me is a good fit for you. This amounts to 6.5 hours altogether for the usual cost of 5 hours, a $150 discount.


More Points to consider regarding each Package Deal:

  •  As well, any additional time that may be required or desired, based on 15-minute increments minimum (usually $25/15 min. + GST) qualifies you for an additional 20% discount, PROVIDED THAT the time is added either right away with the initial purchase or immediately at the completion of the time purchased in the package.
  • All Packages include Recorded Reading sessions which are sent by email, Astrology Charts, Reports which provide a breakdown of the basic details of the Charts ( in English) and additional self-help material, specifically chosen for each person.