Childhood Influences & Past Lives

What past patterns and experiences from the past are influencing you now?

It can prove intriguing, illuminating, healing and generally worthwhile to reflect upon past influences and events. Reflection upon the past can help you to understand the meaning and purpose of those events in the larger plan of your life.

“Where are you coming from?”

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The question can pertain to a variety of perspectives. It may be inquiring about where you live or where you used to live or where you grew up or simply what direction you came from.

More specifically, regarding your home and family environment, it is the influences of our parents and siblings as well as the overall environment in which we have our earliest and therefore formative experiences. These can certainly be traced to a better understanding of why we believe and perceive life the way we do. As well, our atttitudes, self-concepts, biases, prejudices and our interpretations are influenced by these experiences, for better or worse. As convinced as we may feel about the objectivity of our perceptions, that fact is we do not see things as they are so much as we ourselves are. Knowing this can therefore prove illuminating and healing and can allow us to unravel confusions and issues we experience now.

Until and unless we examine this we go through life with only a vague sense of who we are or what we believe and value or where we are going and what might constitute of goals and aspirations. The more we can gain an objective perspective on our subjective aspects of our personality, the more truly see and thereby have the opportunity to make conscious changes.

At what may be deemed the deepest level, past lives can be deciphered by way of a close analysis of one’s Astrological Birth Chart. Often on the occasions that this question is asked of me, my clients agree with or relate to or recognize or perhaps even remember the descriptions of who and how they were, specifically in their more recent past life.

With the help of standard prediction techniques such as Transits, Progressions, Directions, Returns and Eclipses I can look back and tell you what influences were active. This type of inquiry can deepen your awareness of yourself, the event in question and your life in general. Beyond curiosity and scratching itches, this type of understanding is perhaps most important in light of current realities and future probabilities and possibilities.

Deciphering the timing and nature of past events is also a key approach to determining exactly what time you were born. Yes, we do live by destiny and as the saying goes, hind sight is 20/20. Knowing your birth time is helpful when it comes to the exact timing of future events. With the right questions and answers with the help of Astrology I can determine what time you were born right to the minute.

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