In this Universal 7-Year and Universal 1-Month, Spring 2023 has begun. The general theme for the season includes significant new beginnings, true to the season and the symbolic implication of number 1.

Yet, ‘initiations’ symbolic of number 7 will also come in the context of the dissolving influences of Saturn in Pisces. Add to this the powerful, revolutionary and transformational impulses of Uranus in Taurus and of Pluto in Aquarius and we have all the ingredients required for nothing short of colossal shifts.

Pluto entered Aquarius at 12:14 PM, GMT on March 23 so you can calculate what time it was in your time zone. What is more significant is the fact that Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Chiron were all in the pioneering sign of new beginnings, Aries. The ruling planet for Aries – Mars, meanwhile, was at the critical 29th degree of Gemini.

Any planet at 29 degrees in an event chart, such as a Birth Chart or when a planet enters a new sign or a conjunction of two planets…, indicates some kind of theme of overcoming, specifically associated with the sign the planet is in. Mars in Gemini conceals in its layers both Taurus and Aquarius, which are Fixed Modality Signs symbolic of the steady and consistent follow-through phases after the initiation phase that precedes it.

Due to the ‘twin’ themes associated with Gemini, this implies that there will be something of a standoff between the forces that want to push for change and those that want to resist it.

The middle ground is that change happens naturally and consistently and according to the cycles of destiny. Yet, those who want to force it can be understood as also trying to control the outcome according to their own interests. Those who want to resist it are either in reaction to the natural flow, or they do not share the interests of those trying to control it. It is this ‘conflict of interests’ that constitutes the human drama.

The political debate and conflict that usually arises is actually natural and healthy, ironically, when it comes to the human drama largely due to ego-driven interests that impatiently want to control outcomes without the due process of wider collective agreement. Quo Bono or ‘who benefits’ is the deeper question. At their most extreme levels, such debates and conflicts lead to war which, upon closer observation, ever indicates attachment, ambition, greed, tyranny, bias, pride and prejudice. So, if there is a war, it is quite certain that it is a battle of ego-wills whereby the most unscrupulous ambitions enlist and enslave others to fight for them, only to subjugate them once again if victory is achieved. As insane as this politics of power is, human history is replete with it.

So, is it any wonder that, if diagnosed by a healthy alien species, humanity as a whole would be diagnosed as psychopathic and homicidal?

Yet, like fish can’t see water, our attitudes and behaviours have become so accepted, that few see it at all, lending to a global state of cognitive dissonance. The resolution includes becoming aware of this condition and focusing to work spiritually to rise above the feeling of anger and violent reaction that emerges from the realization of the monumental state of ego-centrism that exists within some people and groups. The term ‘ego’ refers to the illusion of separation and, when expressed at extreme levels, reveals an utter lack of realization of intrinsic connection with others and life in general, and thereby is completely divorced from any feelings of empathy, compassion or intuition, which are among the crown jewels of what comprises our essential humanity.

This colossal state of ego is based on a combination of instinct and reason yet completely divorced from intuition and manifesting as attitudes and behaviours so unscrupulous, evil, determined and strategically organized that many people simply cannot conceive of it and, therefore, do not recognize it even if and when it is right in front of them or all around like a stench so foul as to make those who do sense it to feel ill.

The key to awakening to it is to cultivate our intuitive faculties which are the direct result of focusing to activate and to be centered in the heart center or chakra.

Not surprisingly, this is the focus of all genuinely spiritual philosophies. Ironically, many religions do not access the heart and are more fully guided by conviction and opinion. You know this is the case when it regards all those who do not align with its beliefs as ‘them’, ‘they’ or ‘the others’, etcetera… So, the entire understanding is clouded and confused and this too has been the source of much conflict over the millennia.

Interestingly, the planet Venus in Astrology is often associated with the heart chakra and love. However, this is technically inaccurate. While Venus in its higher manifestation is associated with beauty, which we often love, Venus is more fully symbolic of desires associated with our priorities and what we deem important and valuable and which we are invariably attracted to and tend to want and desire. As valid as these feelings of attraction can be, the issue is attachment whereby our desires are so strong, that obsession arises and control is rationalized to obtain the object or person desired.

The true planet of love is the Sun. Of course, the Sun is not technically a planet, although it is generally categorized as such. Clearly, the Sun is a star. In fact in Astrology, especially Western Astrology, the Sun is THE STAR OF THE SHOW. Yet, it too can be expressed at lower levels and, ironically, it is guilty of the megalomania of ego outlined above. This is where the Sun and the Heart Chakra come to the fore.

So, the spiritual path is to work to focus on one’s Heart Center or Chakra. Doing so is facilitated by feelings of gratitude for life, which activate feelings of humility and also of empathy and compassion, since the overall process produces intuition. The more one accesses intuition, the more the feelings of gratitude, humility, empathy, compassion and an overall state of communion arises, revealing what can be understood as an upward spiral process.  

Intuition is the state of awareness associated with the Heart Chakra because it is the access portal to the soul. Some assume the soul is through the Crown or Third Eye Chakras, yet those who are oriented to those chakras without the Heart Chakra primarily emphasized often tend to increase ego power alone. At worst, this can lead to what is generally regarded as black magic, which implies power and desire disconnected from the heart and the natural and consequent feelings of communion. As well, by focusing on the Heart Chakra, primarily, if the focus is strong and consistent, all other chakras are not only activated, they come into balance and a state of harmonization with all the others.

Alternately, the condition of disconnection with the Heart Chakra can be understood as producing a downward spiral. The difference between the upward and the downward spiral is that while the upward spiral activates all the chakras with the heart at the center or ‘on the throne’, the downward spiral does not engage the Heart Chakra and the consequence is instinct-driven reaction manifesting as various levels of survival fear and effectively also produces various levels of attachment.

Herein is the key to understanding the human condition.

Returning to the specifics of the current astrological perspective, at the moment of Pluto entering Aquarius March 23, Venus was in Taurus conjunct the Lunar North Node and Uranus was also in Taurus, yet unaspected.

These factors altogether reveal challenging and complex themes. Unaspected planets can be understood as ‘wild card’ factors that either imply awkwardness regarding social integration or can manifest as offering something unique and possibly special. Yet, whether the result of this maverick posture manifests as fame or infamy is the question and it is often something of a combination of both.

Interestingly, Uranus was at the 16th degree of Taurus which offers it a boost of power. Mars at 29 Gemini lends some support to it, yet includes the complexity of insecurities regarding entering the unknown linked to Mercury in Aries. The Moon in Aries tends to manifest as an instinctual reaction linked to fight, flight, freeze, or the higher path which is a state of surrender that awakens intuition. Yet, it remains that contending with the inevitable stress is important. Venus in this chart is the most obvious saving grace as it is in its own ruling sign of Taurus. Yet, it too is specially positioned to probably manifest as dramatic attitudes and actions.

The major events and evolutionary turning points implied can be metaphorically compared to the laborious and painful process of giving birth.

In this case, the baby is a ‘new world order’, whether we like it or not.

Modern technology has made this direction quite inevitable. Regarding the baby, it includes both the beauty of it all, despite the pain, and the transformational reality, as with a mother giving birth for the first time and both parents undergoing transformations as new challenges and responsibilities, perceptions, self-concepts and attitudes are the new reality. Since ‘the baby’ refers to the planet as a whole, the parents can be understood to be the two main hemispheres of our planet: East and West. Whether or not the parents will manage to work cooperatively and whether the birth will divide them is the big question now.

While resistance is futile, at least in terms of stopping this evolutionary thrust altogether, there are those who are and will be called to contribute to steering its ultimate direction and relative outcome. This is where the plot gets much thicker.

Conflicting opinions and powerful forces at cross purposes are inevitable features of the complex plot. As ever, it remains to discern what constitutes our role and/or how we can best meet the challenge and adapt with wisdom and grace.

‘Alignment’ is a keyword here and refers to both the larger outer reality, yet more specifically to our own circumstances and our own deeper destiny. While common sense helps, so does the good sense of feeling connected to our core. But, this transcends body-centered perspectives alone. Feeling mentally, emotionally and spiritually centered is the other end of the deal and where I can help you with a deeper understanding of your core nature and destiny and the current cycles of influence at play.


How will the much-anticipated entry of Pluto in Aquarius impact your life?

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