Big Event Dates

Big Event Dates

Plan for Successful Events

Timing is of the essence and choosing when to host your event matters!

Want to know when the best date and time is for an important event? Whether your event is a marriage, family reunion, retirement party, opening an art exhibit, or launching a business, I can help you choose the optimum date.

Nobody wants to have their wedding on a day filled with complicated, low-energy or negatively charged aspects, which can impact the festive mood and contribute to all manner of logistical complications. Another example of knowing what to avoid is planning a family reunion on a day that has a combative aspect such as the moon square mars!

Choosing a day with auspicious aspects to support a favorable mood, calming influences or buoyant energy is wise indeed.

Big events require a lot of planning, time, energy and money and you naturally want it to be a success. “When” does matter. As the saying goes, ‘timing is of the essence’. So making a small investment to support you to decide when to start and to actually host your event is worthwhile.

Choosing an optimum time is especially important when a legal signature is required, as with signing a marriage certificate. As well, when you begin the actual planning and booking process is itself a factor worthy of consideration, so as to ‘start off on the right foot.’