Time of First Breath

Time of First Breath

Chart Rectification

Determining Your Time of Birth

When making an appointment to have an Astrology Reading, the usual information that’s required are birth date, month, year, place, and time of birth. While the other factors are usually known, commonly, it is assumed that knowing the exact time of birth is essential to having a reading.

This is not true and I will explain why and provide several key angles of perspective on this long-standing question.

For a variety of reasons, obtaining the time you were born can pose a challenge. If this is the case, rest assured that I can provide you with a deep and relevant Reading without knowing your birth time.

Most importantly, your time of birth can be determined by a process of character analysis and questions regarding key events and the timing in your life when they occurred.

The very process of trying to determine the minute you were born is itself an interesting and insightful process. While it is true that there are many factors to consider and that determining the exact moment of first breath is a fine art, the journey itself is valuable. This process is technically referred to as Chart Rectification.

Sometimes people who don’t know as much as they assume present themselves as knowing more than they do… This is quite true when it comes to opinions regarding knowing the exact time of birth for the sake of working with Astrology. This is most certainly NOT true. So, if you encounter such a person, quietly realize that they are speaking with false authority.

The main reason why the notion of needing to know the exact time of birth is because it is linked to making predictions. Yet, while somewhat true, it is not entirely true and many predictions are still possible even without the birth time. While traditional Astrology was all about prediction, modern Astrology has evolved to encompass many more angles of interpretation, perspectives, and approaches.

Chart Rectification is a process that stands on its own in terms of value and importance. If you do not know your birth time, consider making the investment with a session that is dedicated to the process of deciphering it. Doing so provides many insights about your nature and personality, destiny, and timing and is an educational process too regarding archetypes, the principle of fractals and the fact that we live in a conscious and purposeful universe! Deciphering the time of birth via a process of asking questions about key events in your life often does prove to be a fascinating and profound experience all its own.

Whether you know your time of birth or not, especially since I include perspectives from Chinese and Mayan Astrology and from Numerology, which do not require the time of birth, having a Reading can include or not the goal of deciphering it and either way, you will go away having had a profound and worthwhile experience towards deepened self-awareness and timing of your destiny too.

“My Reading with you went so much deeper than I imagined it would. It helped me to see and understand myself and many more aspects of human nature, and this has served to free me tremendously, releasing old beliefs no longer needed, so that I can be lighter, more aware and more receptive… In deep gratitude.” Denise