Life Review

Life Review

The Big Picture: Past, Present and Future

Are you making plans for the future and curious how they align with the timing of your destiny? Would you like to reflect back and look forward to better understand your life now?

Are you experiencing changes now in your life that you would like to better understand based on having a wider contextual perspective?

Would you be interested to look back to know all the major turning points and endings and beginnings of new cycles and their destined meaning and purpose of your life?

In addition to knowing when these are and were destined to occur, I can also help you to gain rare and rich insight into what they mean in terms of the deeper purpose of your life. For these and other such reasons, you might be interested in knowing about the major turning points in your life, past, and future.

Our lives are guided by destiny. It includes the major themes and turning points along the way. We do have free will, yet destiny is like the influences of nature itself, which are inevitable, powerful, and something we contend with daily.

Looking back is a good place to start because hindsight is 20/20. In doing so, you will come to realize that your life is indeed guided by destiny. Randomness is an illusion. Yes, free-will is a feature of destiny so, by seeing a bigger picture, you can make better choices now.

Contrary to popular opinion, your life is subject to probabilities in terms of timing and the type of experiences implied! Imagine that? Destiny truly is a powerful guiding force in our lives, yet you can be the judge. It is common for people, due to social conditioning and our education system, to assume that life is simply subject to chance, all due to genetics and nothing more, a ‘crapshoot’. In this regard, many people live their lives as if in a trance or without vision, purpose, or an authentic sense of passion.

Yet it does not have to be this way. Awareness, like knowledge, is power and it can be used to see more clearly, understand more deeply, make better decisions, feel more whole and empowered, and be aware of the intrinsic plan and purpose in life generally, and more importantly, your life specifically.

The value of this life review is based on the understanding that you are an evolving soul incarnate and that wisdom, illumination, realization, and healing can come about even late in the game. Since as souls we pick-up in our next life where we left off in this one, we are wise to aim to feel as whole, complete, balanced, and peaceful as we can.

This type of Reading might require more time than usual so a Reading Package would probably be the best way to go. It could take 3-4 hours but it will truly be a journey of your lifetime! And you are welcome to break the sessions into parts if you want. It could also be done over 2-3 sessions if desired, so each segment could be digested.

Either way, the insights that I can offer you regarding the timing, purpose, and meaning of key themes, events, and turning points could truly prove to be a life-changing experience. Whether you want to go down memory lane or look ahead, this approach can prove illuminating, healing, inspiring, and, especially as you look ahead, empowering.

Looking back on your life can prove illuminating and healing as well. It can reveal to you why things happened. Sometimes this insight reveals deeper karmic themes you were destined to experience and how you may have been meant to be a catalyst of meaningful change for others, and many more angles of perspective can be gleaned from your astrological Birth Chart, as well.