Past Life Influences

Past Life Influences

Karma and Life Lessons

What karmic patterns did you inherit from your past life, influencing you today?

Most people I have asked if they believe in reincarnation have said yes, and many have even said, of course.

There is also a growing body of research adding to the evidence of it everyday. Astrology certainly includes the ability of shedding a bright light on previous incarnations. What it reveals is the implications of themes of destiny and personal growth in this life.

We all ‘inherit’ karmic patterns from our past life, but many are not aware of what a Natal Chart reveals. Do you wonder why you have the experiences, gifts and challenges that you do? Would you like to gain insight to understand how your past life karmic patterns that have carried over into this life, are manifesting now, have in the past or will in the future as core features of your destiny?

Echoes and signatures of past lives can be traced in your Natal Chart. More importantly, the karmic signature both in terms of strengths and challenges can be clearly outlined. These are the driving force of your destiny. This is where Astrology comes to the fore. It provides a means of reading the archetypal signatures of karma and destiny.

Gaining a deeper understanding of past life patterns is illuminating and can prove liberating, empowering and healing as well. Whether you are just curious or you would like to better understand your destiny or relationship dynamics with certain people, or health challenges you are experiencing in this life, gaining a deeper glimpse of your past life is a profound experience and often produces immediate recognition.

While some assert that the soul chooses all the details for this life’s experience, it is not that simple. Each life is a continuum that carries on into the next life. This continuum is a feature of karma which is, in turn, an important feature of destiny. When we understand that the quality (or lack thereof), of our choices in this life are important indicators of our next incarnation, spiritual awareness, maturity and a new sense of responsibility regarding the choices we are making is made conscious.