Past Life Influences

Past Life Influences

Understanding Past-Life Influences

Karma, Fate, and Destiny

What karmic patterns did you inherit from your past life that are influencing you today? Do you ever wonder why you have the experiences, gifts, and challenges that you do?

Would you like to gain insight to understand how your past life karmic patterns that have carried over into this life, are manifesting now, have in the past, or will in the future as core features of your destiny?

The good news regarding this question is that signatures of karmic patterns carried over from your past life, which are most certainly strongly influencing you in this life, are measurable and can be understood and, thereby, consciously addressed. Not knowing what these karmic themes are and how they are likely to manifest in your life, both as events and emotional reactions put you at a disadvantage.

We all ‘inherit’ karmic patterns from our past life, but many are not aware that their Astrological Birth Chart outlines them quite well. Assuming that these influences are purely genetic is a popular yet erroneous belief.

The signatures of past life behavior and experiences can indeed be traced in your Natal Chart. More importantly, these karmic indicators, both in terms of strengths and challenges can be clearly outlined. These karmic patterns are, in fact, powerful driving forces of your destiny.

This is where Astrology comes to the fore. It provides a means of reading the archetypal signatures of karma and destiny. Gaining a deeper understanding of past life patterns is illuminating and can prove liberating, empowering, and healing as well.

Whether you are just curious or you would like to better understand your destiny or relationship dynamics with certain people, or health challenges you are experiencing in this life, gaining a deeper glimpse of your past life is a profound experience and often produces immediate recognition.

While some assert that while we are in the afterlife state, we choose all the details for this life’s experience, it is not that simple. Each life is a continuum that carries on into the next life. This continuum is a feature of karma which is, in turn, an important feature of destiny, which further translates to mean, ‘life purpose’.

Regarding current and future realities and choices, understanding that the quality, or lack thereof, of your choices, are important indicators of your next incarnation, spiritual awareness, maturity, and a new sense of responsibility regarding your choices become that much more relevant.

Astrology is a spiritual science because it reveals the existence of the soul. The archetypal symbols of the Zodiac sign and planets and the many other aspects of what constitutes a Birth Chart and the Mandala map upon which these are plotted is an ancient understanding. After many years of study and practice, I know very well how to read the many layers of meaning and truth that are there for those who have the eyes to see and the vision to understand their implications in your life.