Pinpoint Your Purpose

Pinpoint Your Purpose

Pinpoint Your Purpose

Get Clear on What Matters

Do you feel like you are aware of and living your life with a clear sense of purpose?

Or, do you feel like your life lacks a sense of purpose, meaning, and direction?

Or, perhaps you feel like your life does have a purpose, yet it remains somewhat vague and unclear? Perhaps you are close to defining it, the exact words elude you.

Or, perhaps your life feels full and you do already feel purposeful and in a variety of ways, yet something is missing. As a consequence, you feel uneasy or a bit depressed but you are not quite sure why and this lingering disturbance is itself a drain on your ability to feel as happy, healthy, and fulfilled as you would like or feel you should. Does this sound like you?

True purpose reflects an area of focus where we are destined to have key experiences to learn and grow. In other words, purpose is a feature of your destiny as an evolving soul.

Yet, your purpose invariably, or at least often, changes over time. Whether you are seeking a new purpose or your next key focus for your life, with the help of Astrology I can help you to decipher what it is and the deeper implications and timing of it as well.

Realizing a sense of purpose for your life is a key to personal power and success. Doing so ignites vision and breeds enthusiasm, passion, confidence, determination, and stamina.

With the penetrating lenses of Astrology and Numerology, which can reveal what constitutes your life purpose beyond the obvious, I can help you to know it clearly and understand it deeply too.

“I have successfully listened to your recording and have a BIG smile on my face… you are gifted!….your observations and insights about me feel so comfortably mine, as you put into words my feelings and wishes that I have not been able to give words to. I appreciate you in my life and thank you for sharing your gifts with me and the world.” Gillian. T.