Real Estate Timing

Real Estate Timing

Increase Your ROI

When is a Good Time to Invest or Buy or Sell Real Estate?

While there are ever many factors at play, your Astrology chart does reveal more opportune time windows when to buy and when to sell. This is true of real estate, land, businesses and any other large thing you want to sell.

Imagine knowing that the day you are about to sign a legal, long-term contract that will involve a lot of time and money is really good or really not good at all? I can shed important light on these and other such time-sensitive realities and help you know when is optimal.

In my extensive Astrological and Numerological tool kit, there are techniques that clarify when the most optimal window of time is to buy or sell. This generally falls under the category of Financial Astrology. Interestingly, these techniques reveal that buying a house shows up very similarly to buying a business.

Usually the first most important consideration regarding such questions is linked to money. Investments generally imply large amounts of capitol. Maybe you have savings you would like to invest or are so eager to invest you are willing to borrow the money or sell off other assets so you can invest. The other main consideration is timing. For some it is the most important among the two.

The other main factor in addition to timing and money is the prospect of legal signatures, thus binding contracts and large-scale responsibilities.

The strategy of selling is also important because a house sitting on the market for too long produces suspicion and so on. When to sell is linked to your personal cycles of destiny and sometimes, despite the market, the timing is simply not good to buy or sell, and doing so could lead to large financial loss and/or frustration and disappointment, which often tend to spill over into our relationships, causing another set of problems.

The topic of investments can widen to include stocks, land, a business, education, travel, cars, boats, furniture, appliances, or equipment. Investments also usually include a good deal of and time, energy, thought. research and the gathering of resources with the prospect of making a good investment, and getting a great return somehow.

Whenever the question of larger layouts of time and money and/or how to invest come to the fore, and/or the hope of ROI on existing investments, it is wise to make a much smaller investment of time and money to consult an Astrologer. But not all Astrologers are focused in this way.

I have been a student of Financial Astrology for the past 10 years and have helped many clients make a lot of money!

Especially where obligations and legal contracts come to the fore, it can prove to be its own form of wise investment, and a small one at that in comparison to the reality of the sums of money and time involved to gain access to the insights I can provide you with.