Saturn Return

Saturn Return

Understand the Influence of Powerful Long-term Cycles

Understand What Saturn’s Return Reveals About Your Destiny

Saturn completes a cycle every 29.5 years, yet due to it turning retrograde, it can return a year or so earlier and produce a triple return! Commonly, it is assumed that it comes and goes, but the fact is that contained within the deeper reaches of your Saturn Return are details of core destiny themes and timing, extending decades into your future. I can help you to gain a clear picture on Saturn’s influence in your life.

Are you soon to have, or have recently had your Saturn Return? Many people don’t realize that the Saturn Return Chart reveals key destiny themes that play a strong background role and represents a very strong influence on your destiny.

The deeper themes revealed by your Saturn Return chart play a vital background role in your life that encompass decades, literally.

Saturn Return occurs every 28 to 29.5 years. This 1.5 year discrepancy is due to Saturn’s retrograde rhythm. This rhythm determines whether you are destined to experience a single or a triple return. The triple return occurs when Saturn turns retrograde within the time period when it returns to the degree and sign it was when you were born.

Commonly, people assume that once Saturn has completed its return, that is the end of it. But actually it is just the beginning, as a closer examination of your Saturn Return Chart(s) sheds valuable light upon cycles of destiny that will influence you for 3 decades! Whether or not you are experiencing your Saturn Return, you can gain insight into its deeper implications for long-term and powerful background themes of destiny.

Although it may seem that your choices are random and circumstantial, you will soon realize that your Saturn Return chart(s) reveal a core purpose of your destiny and determines when life changes will occur. After all, Saturn is not referred to as the karmic lord for nothing…

Weaving the insights I can offer you with your Saturn Return Chart will add a whole new level of relevance to your Reading, with patterns and themes you will be able to recognize.

Gaining insight about your Saturn Return will help you to consciously cooperate with important evolutionary themes guiding of your life. In doing so, your life will take on a new quality of purpose and simplicity as you come to realize that your free will is like a captain on a ship, yet Saturn is symbolic of the ship itself and each belongs to the other.