Solar Return

Solar Return

The Inside Track on Your Year Ahead

The Solar Return happens every year on our birthday and the return chart reveals destiny themes for the duration of time until the next return. Understanding the themes and timing of what your planetary returns reveal will give you a powerful inside track on your destiny so you can tune-in and co-create positive outcomes.

Is your birthday soon or someone else you know? Would you like to gain clarity about what is in store for the coming year cycle?

In addition to it marking the anniversary of your birth and signifying when your age officially changes, A Solar Return Reading more importantly provides a snapshot of the year ahead.

Each year at a time within 24 hours of your birthday, the Sun Returns to the exact sign and degree it was when you were born. Yet, all the other planets have changed positions and this creates a new chart. This new chart reveals themes, lessons, experiences and timing if these for the next 12 months!

Your Solar Return Chart does not dismiss your Natal Chart, but it does outline a new set of themes, lessons, opportunities and challenges for the year ahead.

Also, pay close attention here, WHERE you experience your Solar Return, in terms of location in the world does make a difference, and can significantly change the dynamics of what you will experience over the coming year. This is a little-known and powerful secret that you may well be glad you learned.

For an annual update on the year ahead, a Solar Return Reading is a great choice for your annual check-in. Given that where it occurs is so significant, it can prove very advantageous to have such a Reading well in advance of your birthday. In fact, in a session, you can look ahead at years to come to really plan ahead.