When & When Not to Sign

When & When Not to Sign

When to Sign Legal Documents

Are you planning to start a new business or to enter into a legal contract that requires a signature? The legal implications of doing so are certainly very real.

Do you assume that any moment is the same as the next for doing so? If you do, you are not alone.

Do you wonder why people and businesses sometimes fail? Have you noticed it is often due to timing?

Are you entering into an expensive contract, partnership, or merger and would like some guidance about the timing or whether it is a good time at all? This small investment can save you and your partner’s lot of time and money.

If studies were conducted to determine why so many upstart companies quickly fail and which ones succeed, it would be clearly recognized that a significant factor regarding the outcome, either way, was linked to the day and time the official legal signature was made, which initiated its existence as a legal entity. Imagine that this also applies to professional sports teams?

The one moment in time, in particular, that takes on much more added significance and importance than any other is the moment when a signature ‘gives birth’ to a legal entity. A ‘legal entity’ can refer to a company, an institution, such as a marriage contract, an organization of various sorts, a city, state, province or territory, and even a country.

In addition to the prospects of choosing a date and time that aligns well and contributes to the success of your company, it also produces a chart. This Astrological Birth Chart can then be used to decipher when likely turning points will occur and the timing of important decisions along the way.

This branch of Astrology is called Electional Astrology and it is the study of the moment of significant signatures as with countries, cities, official institutions, and companies of any size. This technique in Astrology clearly reveals that when to sign and launch matters.

The official date and time of signing a legal document is the moment when the legal entity in question comes into being and it can also be regarded as a ‘person’ in the eyes of the law. In all instances listed above, the Electional moment occurs on a specific date and at a specific time and this is where Astrology and Numerology come to the fore to support WHEN it is auspicious to ‘elect’ to give birth to this legally binding ‘entity’.