When & When Not to Sign

When & When Not to Sign

Cornerstone for Success

When to sign and launch matters.

Do you wonder why people and businesses sometimes fail? Have you noticed it is often due to timing or who is involved? Are you entering into an expensive contract, partnership or merger and would like some guidance about the timing or whether it is a good time at all? This small investment can save you and your partner’s lot of time and money.

“Each moment in time contains within it the quality of that moment in time.” (C.G. Jung)

Are you planning to start a new business or to enter into a legal contract that requires a signature? The legal implications of doing so are certainly very real. Do you assume that any moment is the same as the next for doing so? If you do, you are not alone.

A time-honored astrological technique is Electional Astrology which is the art and science of choosing when the best date and time is to ‘elect’ to begin something important. This practice literally reaches back thousands of years. Is it worth determining that such a belief is purely superstitious and therefore unworthy of any further consideration? Considering the legal ramifications of contracts and their possible liability, or the expense and the large amounts of time, money and energy that must invariably be devoted to any business, you are wise to reconsider such a hasty dismissal.

It is as simple as understanding that the official day of the signature that makes the company official and LEGAL has the effect of stamping the lifespan of the company with that moment in time.

I realize that few are really aware of this and not everyone believes this, but there is a reason why J.P. Morgan is famously quoted for saying:

“Millionaires don’t consult Astrologers for key dates, Billionaires do!”

If studies were conducted to determine why so many upstart companies quickly fail and which ones succeed, I will strongly venture that it would be ascertained that a significant factor regarding the outcome, either way, was linked to the day and time the official legal signature was made, which initiated its existence as a legal entity.

Briefly, this branch of Astrology is called Electional Astrology and it is the study of the moment of significant signatures as with countries, cities, official institutions, and companies of any size. While some deem this superstition, I again encourage that it would be wise to not be one such person. At least, you can proceed with peace of mind that you took careful precaution to start your business with sure and measured steps. Of course, winging it works too, sometimes.

A beginning can refer to a voyage, a marriage, a christening ceremony, whether it is a person or a ship…, or when to launch an enterprise or merge two distinct companies and many other such beginnings.

The ceremonial moment can be enacted by the cutting of a ribbon, the opening of a bottle of champagne, the sound of a gun firing, the release of a bird from a cage, the moment an official form is sent by email, when the final send button is pressed and other such intentional actions. Yet, the signing of a legal document is obviously the most binding among these actions.

The one moment in time in particular that takes on much more added significance and importance than any other is the moment when a signature ‘gives birth’ to a legal entity.

A ‘legal entity’ can refer to a company, an institution, an organization of various sorts, a city, state, province or territory and even a country. At a personal level, it is the launching of an enterprise or the merger of two which takes on added weight and importance.

Again, in each case the official moment is made so by the signature. It is at this moment that the legal entity in question comes into being and it can also be regarded as a ‘person’ in the eyes of the law. In all instances listed above, the Electional moment occurs on a specific date and at a specific time and this is where Astrology and Numerology come to the fore.

Woven within this entire understanding is the principle of collective agreements, law and order, society and, generally speaking, civilization. While the discussion of this can enter into many layers of complexity ranging from the most metaphysical and philosophical to the actual tangible realities associated with the fortitude of the law and the right to enforce it, the main point remains that we each are ‘members’ of it and thereby hold the power to ‘elect’ legal entities into existence, regardless of our social, academic or economic status or otherwise.

In addition to the prospects of choosing a date and time that aligns well and contributes to the success if your company, it also produces a chart. This Astrological Birth Chart can then be used to decipher when likely turning points will occur and the timing of important decisions along the way.

The ‘Electional power’ that we each possess carries within it both opportunity and responsibility. Yet, it is easy to overlook that important moment when we officially bring it into official and legal existence. It is easy and common to assume that the moment we begin has little or even nothing to do with the outcome. We might reason that it is all simply about how we proceed from that moment on, the efforts we make, the intelligence and wisdom of our action, our ability to exercise discipline and persevere.

While these factors certainly are valid and important, the deeper implications of when we officially begin are more complex. In simple terms, it matters a lot when we bring a legal entity into existence. We certainly see examples of this every day from business deals, to businesses to projects, even to the success or continued failure of sports teams and the list goes on.

A Star is Born

We have all witnessed sports teams, which are legal entities, which regardless of the line-up of All-Stars, simply lose time and again. Manager after manager, trade after trade, regardless of how well run and organized and how many consultants were called in and paid amounting to millions over the years and how many brilliant strategies, nothing works to ‘change the losing streak’. Some would assert that the organization is ‘cursed’. Then a new team joins the league and wins. Since astrology has gained in popularity over the past couple of decades especially, and since most professional astrologers are aware of Electional Astrology, it stands to reason that a key ingredient in their ‘special sauce’ is when official signatures took place.

Mergers Between Legal Entities

Companies are legal entities when they are officially registered. It is not quite enough to simply choose and pay for a company name. That may be the first step but the name does not make the company official or legal. Incorporation of some kind is required, even obtaining a tax number as in a GST # for a sole proprietorship can qualify. Yet, if the legal steps taken produce an officially registered company regardless of its specific legal status as in Incorporation, registering a Limited Company or a Numbered Company and so on, then that legal entity is ‘born’ so to speak at the moment when the signing of legal documents make it official.

At this moment the company in question, the legal entity can be and is recognized as a person in the eyes of the law. This outlines the fact that the Company or Legal Person in question has a ‘birth day’, a date, place and time when it was ‘born into existence’ with the proverbial stroke of a pen producing a legal signature.

As with any two actual people, the prospects of a deep, committed, enduring and successful relationship is not simply a given based on outer factors. These outer factors can include how long each respective person has been in existence, how successful or not it has been, how well established or well represented it is, or how much it has in its holdings as moveable and immovable equity.

Companies merge all the time and often the mergers are between two already at least reasonably successful companies. But if their respective ‘birth dates’ reveal that they have little in common or that the birth dates in fact indicate disharmonious elements and even outright conflicting ones, then the outcome of their union may undergo great hardship and even failure to the point of both companies going bankrupt. This probably occurs more often than most people are aware and consequently often at least legal battles ensue.

It may be argued that the people who represent (own and/or are employed by) these companies constitute some of the main reasons why failure or success occurs. While this perspective does sound reasonable, again some contributing factors will remain elusive. Yet they can be highlighted with the help of astrology.

The point remains that while the people who represent each respective company entering the merger can and invariably do make their own significant contributions for better or worse, even where the representatives of each might even admire and respect and even like one another, the company itself can and does carry a significant influence. In the event of two companies merging with each represented by ‘good people’ the clash of the legal entities that are the companies themselves as legal persons can contribute to interactive dynamics that can either measurably elevate one another or, at the opposite spectrum, lead to ‘inexplicable’ hardship, struggle, conflict and potentially outright failure.

An exception to the above rule may occur when the company in question is named after the principle owner and president of one of the companies. In this case, I have observed that the character of this person pervaded the company to the extent that subsequent dates linked to the official launching of the company play a secondary role at best.

While one may choose to disregard this entire perspective that companies as legal persons actually have a birth date, place and even a time of birth and that this factor can prove to be a significant contributing factor to the success or failure of their company and/or to the success of which other company they are considering a merger with, given the ratio of effort, time and money that goes into such a risk venture, it is worthwhile to make the small investment that an astrologer would charge to provide the additional insight implied.

In addition to gaining insight about the basic indications of compatibility, or lack thereof, the insights gleaned from looking at the respective charts of each company, otherwise called the Synastry Chart and the merger chart, which is called the composite, a competent astrologer can also provide valuable insight about what choices and actions can be made to offset otherwise problematic areas. As well, valuable insight about key timing for important decisions can also be rendered.

In some instances, on the basis of apparent incompatibility between the two respective companies, the guidance given may be to either forego the merger altogether, or to perhaps encourage one or both to consider an actual re-launch of their entire company, thus giving it an entirely new birth date, place and time. Sometimes even when compatibility looks good, the merger chart may not. By way of an example, two people may really like one another in many ways and for all intents and purposes may appear to be the making of a wonderful union. Yet once in committed relationship, the prior experience of harmony, compatibility and mutual love and respect undergoes unexpected difficulties and the relationship either abruptly ends or the couple struggle to resurrect it.

Like any two people entering into or already in a relationship, we can use the same techniques that are applied to actual people to gain insight into the probable compatibility they share. This compatibility score invariably includes certain challenges and these can be quickly identified and brought into clear recognition and thereby can prove very valuable and literally profitable. As well, insight can be offered regarding timing. Outer circumstances and the larger outer reality in general must always be considered, yet this additional insight can prove invaluable regarding the ability to see possible issues and to then address them long before they have a chance to become a liability.

Start Your Business with a Strong Foundation and Understand it Better

As an intelligent entrepreneur and business person, you want to make wise choices to start your company. This includes when you officially begin and which often start with a signature. Who you enter into business with is another key factor. With the time-honored tool of Astrology, I can help you to not only feel more confident at the outset of your enterprise, but also to understand that your company is a legal entity, an actual person in the eyes of the law, that has a personality and a destiny. With this knowledge, you will be more informed about what constitutes better choices and when you can implement them for a successful outcome.