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Your Career

Your Career


Deciphering Directions and Timing for Success





The power of Astrological insight especially shines in revealing your right vocation and career direction.

‘Right Vocation’ – meaningful work that is in alignment with your nature and character, having awareness of your strengths and challenges, and an understanding of the timing of cycles that are impacting you; in other words not forcing something to happen when the timing isn’t supportive. Astrology reveals this very clearly. 


Using the tools of Astrology and Numerology, for over 25 years I have helped literally hundreds of people all over the world to gain clarity in this important area of life. 


“Michael O’Connor has unique and powerful methods and an ability to connect to an individual’s personal circumstances. In doing so he provides perspective, reflection and foresight to bring you the clarity, affirmation and certainty needed to live your best life.” – Kari Johansen

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Michael O'Connor, Astrologer and Life Coach - Career


Are you searching for your purpose? Is your job getting you down? Are you ready for a change but are not sure when to make your move or if and what your best direction and approach?


Seeking career guidance is common because it is so important. In addition to revealing your ideal career direction, I will also provide you with valuable, strategic insights regarding timing.


I can help you understand what constitutes your life purpose and your personal life-cycles to help you decipher your best timing over the long term and what you can do now to activate a realistic approach.


Whether you are employed or self-employed, navigating your working life can be confusing, intimidating, and cause a lot of stress about making the wrong decision. There’s a lot at stake, from the ever-important reality of your income, to your self-esteem, to your physical and mental health.


Questions such as the following below are very common in an Astrology session, and can be answered with a sense of great relief, conviction, and acceptance:


Numerology Reading, Astrology Career“Should I go to school this year, or wait until next year?”

“Should I get my Masters? When’s a good time?”

“When’s a good time to ask for a promotion?”

“Am I cut out to run my own business?”

“I’m so done with my job, when should I start my own business?”

“When’s the best time to re-structure my business?”

Beyond the ideals of attunement, self-actualization, and overcoming personal challenges, with the profound insight afforded by Astrology and Numerology, I can help you to be aware of and in-tune with your best approach and timing based on the cycles of your life.

“This is seriously the best reading I have ever received in my life. I have had previous Astrology Readings and nothing compares to the guidance, inspiration, and validation I received from Michael today. I am totally mind blown with the accuracy of the information I received.” – Neena