Your Health

Your Health

Constitution, Karma and Lifestyle Choices

Health is a word that pertains to our whole self. It is tempting to think specifically about physical health and fitness levels or lack thereof, yet health naturally includes our mental, emotional and our spiritual well-being too.

As is true of the practice of medicine, ‘every case must be assessed individually’. In other words, we each have our own notion and experience of what we deem important and how we feel. One thing is certain, understanding our body, mind, emotions and soul is rather complex. So, it can prove very satisfying to get deep and relevant insights about our health in terms of these realities and how each aspect is connected to the other.

Of course, these are all also subject to change. On all accounts, with the help Astrology, I can provide profound insights on this whole and inter-related, high priority theme focus.

Questions that an Astrology Reading can provide insight and understanding for the following:

– If there are challenging cycles synchronizing with your condition, what they indicate, and how long they will last.

– If there are karmic indicators revealing patterns at play and if so, what you can do about them.

– What the meaning and purpose is behind what you are experiencing, and how the lesson can be articulated and understood.

– The best time to set a date range for a procedure, if you need to have an operation.

The insights and answers to these and other such questions contribute to the healing process in a variety of ways. Providing awareness of this kind can support and activate understanding, acceptance, peace of mind, deeper realizations, and direction regarding healing strategies, a sense of time frames and more.

Better understanding why and when supports the what, how and who questions too. Considering the holistic perspective, illness can be understood to be more than just bad luck. It can be understood to actually have purpose. In this regard, the insights can inspire a new sense of clarity, resolve by shifting you from feeling victimized, depressed and defeated to cooperative and determined.

So, while the insights offered are not about diagnosis and prognosis, they can be accurately understood as key features of the overall healing process. Whether it is a shift of perspective, interpretation or attitude, any such shift can help redirect your focus on how to best proceed and engage in other aspects of the healing process.

Perhaps your interest in health is not as urgent or dire as with a disease or injury from an accident. Maybe what you want is simply to understand your constitution and / or receive insights and inspirational tips about how you give live a healthy lifestyle or change your diet and eat better or lose weight.

Astrology has been used as an aspect of health and healing for literally thousands of years and it can be used to improve health and prevent illness too.