Pricing List

Astrology Readings Pricing List

            The Pricing List below is a guideline to help you select the time amount that best suits your needs.

All prices include tax, and are in Canadian Currency (CAD)  Currency Converter

If after reviewing the options below, you’re not certain which to choose and want to discuss it further,

email me or call toll-free: 1-800-836-0648.

Choose from 3-tier pricing where applicable, for Members and Non-Members.

Life Destiny Reading = $200

120 Minutes (2 hours) = $200 (*or save $30 as a Member! Learn how to always get a 10-15% discount)

Increase your self-awareness, get deep affirmation, and align with your life purpose. This is the best choice to begin and to gain a thorough look at who you are, why you are here, what constitutes the themes and timing of your destiny including your strengths, aptitudes, and life lessons, where you are at now in your life in terms of your cycles of destiny and what is next for you over the coming week, months and years. 

Thank you, Michael, I really enjoyed my Reading with you. The insights and guidance you provided made me feel so much more centered, self-aware, and confident. I feel  so much clearer about who I am and what my life purpose is at this stage of my journey. I look forward to speaking with you again to fine-tune the insights you provided.”  Anita 

Full Price or Members-Only Discounts

The Standard = $160

90 Minutes = $160 (*or save $24.00 as a Member! Learn how to always get a 10-15% discount)

While the Life Destiny Reading is the best selection to provide a deep and thorough analysis of you, your life purpose, and destiny, this time amount is often the best as a follow-up and when you have several very specific questions or focused areas, such as listed on About Readings. It is also a good option when you want some insight about your nature and personality and you have a couple of specific questions.

Full Price or Members-Only Discounts

Package 360

Yes, I love a bargain! This package can be described as the price suggests, as a well-rounded approach to addressing a full spectrum of your questions and interests and it comes with two added bonuses of time and membership. Read more below.

240 Minutes (4 hours) = $360

Purchase a bulk amount of time and receive:

1) Bonus 30-minutes

2) FREE 1-Year Membership ($60 value), which also gives you even more discounts on future Readings.

This is also a great option if you are committed to gaining profound insight into yourself, the timing of your destiny, and how it impacts the significant others in your life, and you love a great bargain!

You are also welcome to give some of this time or the Membership as Gift Certificates, and still, also get the bonus features! I will also send you a Gift Certificate to print and send along by email to the recipient.

And the time purchased NEVER expires.

Relationship Package = $400

300 Minutes (4.5 hours) = $400

This Package Special provides you and your significant other each with a 90-minute Reading, and, 90-minutes is also then devoted to a joint Reading in which you are both present. So, you get:

1) 30-minutes of bonus time ($50 value)

2) A FREE 1-Year Membership ($60 value), which also gives you even more discounts on future Readings.

This Package brings special attention to you both as individuals first, which also allows time for you to share the insights with each other that you gained from your individual sessions. Then, at a later date when you both are ready, you will gain further insight into the interpersonal dynamics between you by way of a joint session. In this third session, I will provide you with insights regarding your overall chemistry on all levels, where you flow and how you are more challenged, what constitutes the deeper purpose of your relationship together, where your relationship is at currently in terms of your cycles of destiny and what flows and/or challenges lie ahead.

Family Package = $300

210 Minutes (3.5 hours) = $300

This comprehensive Family Package provides you with the freedom to divide the 3.5 hours how you wish – you alone, and / or any of your family member(s) can each have an allocated time for a 1-on-1 session, and / or have time devoted to a joint Reading in which you are all present. This package includes these bonuses:

A chart and detailed report for each family member, plus an outline of their Chinese Astrology Sign, Element and Rising Sign and a basic interpretation, plus their Mayan Sun Sign with an interpretation Report, plus their Numerology Life Path Number!

This Family Package will help you gain insight into who your family members are and what deeper destiny themes are at play, both within them, and between you or other family members, along with possible solutions, which can resolve conflict.

Learn more about how an in-depth Astrology reading can help your family relationships.

Foundation or Follow-up = $110

60 Minutes = $110 (*or save $16.50 as a Member! Learn how to always get a 10-15% discount)

This time amount is great if you are new to Astrology and this your first Reading with Michael and you want to focus specifically on your Natal Chart, which is the ideal foundation of understanding yourself with Astrology. 

Or, 1-hour can be sufficient when you are seeking an Update Reading to better understand the influences of current cycles or as a Follow-Up to a recent session to gain more insight and guidance. 

Full Price or Members-Only Discounts

The Quickie = $60

30 Minutes = $60 (*or save $9.00 as a Member! Learn how to always get a 10-15% discount)

This option is specifically intended for mini-Readings when you have 1 or 2 quick questions and for adding a bit of extra time to your current or recent Reading, or for a quick introduction to having a longer Reading with Michael. 

Full Price or Members-Only Discounts

Numerology Life Destiny Reading = $200

120 Minutes = $200 (*or save $30 as a Member! Learn how to always get a 10-15% discount)


I invite you to embark upon an exciting and profoundly revealing journey of self-discovery via the lenses of Numerology.


I weave the psychological, practical and spiritual themes associated with the spelling of your name and the themes and destiny cycles associated with your date of birth. Together, they provide profound insight and guidance that encompasses your entire life. As well, I can provide you with Numerological insights about your relationships.

                                                A Life Destiny Numerology Reading reveals rich insights about you associated with                                                                  36 golden keys of self-awareness.

I specifically work with Chaldean Numerology, which is different from (and more accurate in my experience), than the more commonly used Pythagorean approach, yet I can include it, as well.

I have been studying Numerology for over 40 years and have learned many of its inner secrets and techniques. A veritable family member with Astrology, some even deem Numerology to be the parent of Astrology due to the purity of the 10 numbers 0-9 revealed throughout nature. Numerology serves as both the foundations of all shape, as with sacred and conventional geometry, and of all measures. What is so exciting is that beyond material world measurements and designations, each number is also a psychologically rich symbolic reservoir of meaning related to you, your life path and purpose. The day, month and year of your birth are indicated by numbers, as is true of the minute you were born. The 10 numbers also correspond to the letters in your name, together with your date of birth revealing profound insights about you, your personality and the timing of the cycles of your destiny.


So, answer the call today to know yourself and your life purpose and destiny with much greater clarity via the time-honoured lense of Numerology. In doing so, you will experience a significant increase in personal power, self-confidence and inner peace.

Full Price or Members-Only Discounts

Open Amount

This payment feature is available for when you want to redeem discounts from Referral Coupons, or you want to add a time amount other than those listed above.

If you’re uncertain, Contact Michael prior to purchase, to decipher the exact amount.