Life is all about Relationships!

We all experience relationships of many kinds such as with lovers, spouses, parents, children, siblings, friends, business partners, employers, colleagues, neighbors, relatives and team-mates, club members and so on.

Astrology is an amazing tool that offers remarkable insights into the quality and potential and the challenges of our relationships.

All people desire love and harmony and health and happiness and success and this means successful relationships. The other side of the story is that life and people and relationships can be quite complex. Often, people either struggle or abandon the process of creating better relationships largely due to the complexity of them. Astrology can help by decoding this complexity making the basic dynamics much simpler to understand.

Relationships are the basis of the experience of as well as the drama of life.

We are not born as blank slates as traditional psychology asserts. Beyond genetic inheritance, there are other deeper, spiritual realities at play. The fact is we are souls incarnate and Astrology offers clear testimony to this fact. Your Birth Chart presents a map that portrays character, gifts, challenges, proclivities, timing and wide array of probable growth patterns and processes.

 Using time-proven techniques I can provide you with valuable, applicable insights into your most important relationships. The two most common techniques used are called “Synastry” and “Composite”.

Synastry charts measure the chemistry of a relationship.  By comparing the consecutive planetary placements and “angles” (the interactive dynamic points) of any two or more charts, we can decipher the flows and challenges any two people are likely to experience. This technique is powerful, fun, illuminating, insightful and effective for seeing where people do or do not get along. With this awareness, we can make better-informed choices about how they to ‘build bridges’ and create better relations by virtue of clearer mutual understanding.

Composite charts combine the mid-points between any two or more individual charts thereby creating a third chart. The magic of Composite charts is that they reveal ‘third person’ or the invisible entity that exists between any two or more people. This third, fictional ‘person’ indicates the potential and direction of a relationship. There are actually two techniques for illustrating the Composite themes. Once shows the inner purpose of the relationship and the other illustrates the outer expression.

I use both Synastry and Composite charts for gaining insight into relationships. Then both of these Composite are Progressed which means I measure the stages where the relationship is now or at any point in time, past or future. As with all things, our relationship dynamics change and evolve.

Creating quality relationships is the key to creating a quality life and can help you to realize this success. This includes seeing and supporting your partner for who he/she and not trying to ‘make them according to your projections and expectations. It is also about gaining a clearer understanding of the deeper purpose and dynamics of what your relationship is about. Every two people create a unique ‘third person’ which, in turn, either supports each of you or not. With awareness, you can enter into a deeper honesty, acceptance, respect and harmony and I can help you with the lens of Astrology . 

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