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June 2023 is a Universal 13/4 month.

This number implies themes of deepening commitments and symbolic processes of death and rebirth for the sake of building upon new foundations.

Although the number 13 has a bad reputation, it is actually a sacred number. Unfortunately, this negative reputation is probably more the result of religious propaganda many centuries ago.  Yet, this sacredness finds expression in Christianity, as with Jesus with his 12 Apostles. In other words, 13 sits at the hub center of the wheel and can therefore be understood as the composite or sum of all the 12 Signs.

Not surprisingly, 1 + 3 = 4.

Number 4 is clearly symbolic of foundations and of the 4 Elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water, the 4 main directions: East, West, North and South, the 4 nucleobases of DNA molecule which is made up of adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine and the list goes on…

While there are specifically and purposefully 12 Signs of both the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs, 13 can be understood to occupy the center position. Interestingly, the center of the Zodiac is where the Earth is placed due to the geo-centric perspective of Astrology, as in the place from where we experience the apparent movement of the planets around us.

Sacred Number 13 - Michael O'Connor AstrologerUpon reflection, it might be recognized that the cutting edge of the drama of life itself is directly associated with the realities of death and the ongoing processes of change and transformation.

Imagine, 13 can be accurately understood as the number associated with the planet Earth!

13 is also symbolically associated with Scorpio and the Death card which is the 13th Major Arcana of the Tarot. While number 13 also refers to ‘death’ therefore, it more generally refers to themes of ongoing change and transformation and the natural and continuous processes of death and rebirth that are so central to life.

As grim as the topic of death can be, it is an essential feature of existence subject to the fact that everything in existence from the macrocosm to the microcosm and everything in-between is in a constant state of motion and therefore also of vibration.

Sacred Number 13 - Michael O'Connor AstrologerPractically, 13/4 can also refer to matters naturally progressing to their next major phase of development requiring more effort and resolve. In practical terms, this can manifest as renovations or taking a project to the next level.

From a spiritual perspective, the emphasis includes some form of initiation and transformation, such as with a person entering a larger order requiring them to have their head shaved symbolizing the death of their prior ego-identification.

So, watch for this type of theme occurring both in your own personal life and at larger collective levels as well as summer kicks off in this turbulent year.

Mars and Pluto are the ruling planets for Scorpio, the sign which holds the distinction of being the most complex sign of the Zodiac. In Western Astrology, the co-rulership of Scorpio by Mars and Pluto is one which always applies. 

Mars is symbolic of action, the verb in the sentence and naturally corresponds with both assertiveness and aggression. Not surprisingly, Mars is directly associated with tools and weapons of every kind.

Pluto on the other hand is symbolically associated with processes birth, life and death and with the steady flow of regeneration and transformation.

Pluto retrograde re-entering Capricorn on June 11, 2023 and Summer Solstice on June 21 are other significant current events.

 The very day of Summer Solstice, a triple conjunction of Moon, Venus and Mars in Leo are suggestive of a playful and passionate season, if also laced with some degree of drama linked to adjusting to the disintegration of social norms, structures and institutions that have served their time.

Jupiter now in Taurus, the sign of foundations indicates that these businesses and institutions will invariably be replaced by new ones, or their demand will be absorbed by larger, existing establishments.

Get ready to navigate a transformational month for June 2023, with all the themes that a 13/4 month will bring!

Sacred Number 13 - Michael O'Connor AstrologerWhile the theme of change and transformation is timeless, it has emerged as more common and central over the past several years and on a global scale – on steroids it seems. Stress, uncertainty and feeling anxious about the future in our rapidly changing times is ‘the new norm’.

It is all a feature of the birthing process of a whole new epoch or age for humanity. We should expect this dynamic process to not only continue but to deepen and accelerate as we advance towards the sunrise moment of the Age of Aquarius in 7 years.

Use these insights to be as fully present as you can with each moment with faith and confidence that the drama of this entire process is purposeful and meaningful. Our task is to engage in this dynamic process in accordance with our unique destiny and I can help you better understand what constitutes yours.


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