On March 7, 2023, Saturn leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces where it will remain until May 25, 2025, when it makes its initial entry into Aries, which is an important event since it is the first sign of the Zodiac and symbolic of pioneering and new beginnings. Yet, due to its retrograde process, Saturn will re-enter Pisces on August 31, 2025, and remain there until February 13/14, 2026, depending on your time zone. It is common for the far planets to retrograde back into the previous sign before it resumes their uninterrupted transit through the new sign they enter.

Looking Back…

Looking back, Saturn entered Aquarius on March 21, 2020 – coinciding exactly with Spring Equinox and, more significantly, with the Covid pandemic. The progressive rise of mandates quite immediately was met with resistance by existing, vigilant networks and activated citizen journalists the world over, which have also emerged to establish significant followings that have effectively united people from every country in the world into new coalitions.  

This is all very in keeping with what would occur with Saturn in Aquarius. Yet, the synchronicities of any transit occur on many levels and in numerous ways in accordance with the full spectrum of the sign, so this is just one example of others. Aquarius is recognized to be a very strong sign position for Saturn since it was the traditional ruling replaced by Uranus in Western Astrology when it was discovered way back in 1781, a time that, for example, synchronized with the surrender of British armed forces in the American Revolution and the beginning of government under the Articles of Confederation, all symbolic of revolutionary and democratic Aquarius, the sign it has been assigned rulership.                                                                                            

Generally, Aquarius represents higher intelligence and awareness and activates themes of awakening and processes of individuation, ideally in harmonious alignment with larger, social realities. As the sign of rebellion and revolution considering this theme of individuation and rights, freedoms and liberties of the Zodiac, Aquarius serves to counter the inevitable corruptions that progressively settle in wherever power becomes too entrenched, and authoritarianism emerges and enforced orthodoxy of existing power structures and institutions, and so on.

Yet, the counter-balancing theme is one of personal responsibility by the individuals that comprise the very building blocks of society. In this regard, when liberties are interpreted as a free-for-all attitude that is selfish and does not contribute back to society in a meaningful way, the counterbalance of authoritarianism arises. 

So, accountability regarding the corruption of society is at both ends of the spectrum: the individual and the collective and we each must decipher what our personal responsibilities might include regarding our own accountability. This is an example of how spiritual laws work.  

Looking Ahead…

Saturn in Pisces is quite a different story than Saturn in Aquarius, however. It tends to not be so dynamic and aware regarding the above-mentioned themes. Pisces is the sign of the disembodied soul and of the subconscious mind and some of its prominent themes along with its ruling planet, Neptune, include imagination, idealism, mysticism, and spirituality.

On the negative side, which is true of all signs, due to the Law of Polarity, Neptune, and Pisces are symbolic of illusions, delusions, denials, and escapism from reality such as by way of ‘excesses’ of alcohol and hallucination-inducing drugs or by various means of evasion of personal and social responsibilities, and so on.

Saturn’s cycle through Pisces can be understood as marking periods that often amount to people feeling lost and confused. Saturn is considered the planet of karma, and Pisces is also the reservoir sign of accumulated karma. When combined, the theme of karma is increased. Saturn and its ruling sign of Capricorn are also symbolic of structure, organization, boundaries, and order.

So, when Saturn/Capricorn meets Neptune/Pisces, the result can be one of disintegration, disorganization, disorder, and boundarilessness.

With Neptune also in Pisces, where it will be for almost the entire time of Saturn’s transit, this theme of feeling lost and confused stands to be even stronger. However, it could also have the positive effect of serving to dissolve old, outworn, patterns, norms, realities, structures, and institutions, and so on.

As well, it could stimulate more interest in and even discipline toward spiritual and mystical realities, themes, and subjects. So, it is important to keep an open mind regarding the actual processes and results.

The main value of this knowledge is to help you to be aware and to observe with recognition of both the more positive as well as the more negative poles of possibility regarding the various processes that the above brief examples indicate.

In a general sense, Saturn in Pisces will serve to dissolve and disintegrate many of the structures that we have all come to generally rely upon, understand and trust. In this regard, many of the established structures of society will melt away and make way for a whole new set of ‘norms’ that will begin in spring 2025 when Saturn enters Aries and resume in full force when Saturn re-enters Aries in mid-February 2026.

Interestingly, due to the specific timing of destiny, although it only takes Saturn a maximum of three years to transit through a sign of the Zodiac, and for Neptune, the transit is as much as 14 years, although they will come quite close twice due to their respective retrograde cycles, they will not actually form a conjunction while in Pisces, which would have the effect of significantly increasing the above-mentioned themes of possibility.

Saturn will form just one conjunction with Neptune at critical and powerful 0 Aries which marks the alpha or start point of the entire Zodiac! The date for this very significant event is February 20, 2026, at 4:53 pm GMT. This historical event symbolic of powerful new beginnings will occur while the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and the Lunar North Node are all in Pisces which reinforces the conjunction even more because of Neptune’s rulership of Pisces.

So, with Saturn entering Pisces on March 7, 2023, this is your cue or opportunity to be aware and to prepare to cooperate consciously with the overall process as well as you can, in accordance with your own circumstances, instincts, intuitions, and destiny.

Generally, tune in to the realities of this time period that could prove to be deep, mysterious, and mystical, and what can also be described as a transcendental time both at personal levels as well as social and collective levels. At worst, this cycle could prove confusing for many, possibly leading to feelings of despair and meaninglessness, especially due to a lack of awareness and instinctive, reactive tendencies to resist the destined, evolutionary dynamic.

The key will be to make this theme of disintegration, dissolution, and loss ‘work’ for you, as though having committed to change your diet and increase your discipline to exercise, consequently amounting to losing unwanted weight and replacing fat with toned muscle. In this regard, understand that you have a destiny and that there are already destined and probable themes at play in your life. Yet, do so with the full awareness that free will is a central feature of destiny and by exercising it with aligned awareness, a sense of larger or higher vision, discipline, and positivity such as an attitude of gratitude for the opportunity to be engaged in the drama of life, ‘at all’, and an overall sense of responsibility, you can participate towards co-creating a healthy overall process and desired outcomes.

This is where I can help you to consciously align with your destiny and authentic purpose to help steer you through the Piscean mist. Learn about the many areas of your life that Astrology can help you with.