At the core of the art and science of Astrology is the recognition that all life is and humans are spiritual beings.

In my practice I begin with a whole examination of your Natal Chart to decipher your evolutionary type, stage and condition.  I focus to decipher your core lessons linked to your deeper evolutionary needs. With this awareness you can gain clarity and wisdom towards integrating this deeper understanding into your daily life.

Astrology is a powerful tool for determining the evolutionary state, needs, processes and types of experiences linked to the evolution of the soul.

As spiritual beings with souls we are reincarnated. As reincarnating beings we are subject to the Laws of Karma. In a simple translation Karma means cause and effect…which transcends the physical, time-space continuum, just as we do. This simple model is another way of saying that we are souls incarnate and over the course of our many life times of incarnation, we are evolving. The most important lifetime is the one we are living now.

My focus is to guide and support you to make choices that are reflective of your deeper, authentic, evolutionary needs.

While you do have a destiny and this includes a mix of easier and more challenging karmic patterns and lessons, you also have free will. So, although predicting trends and probabilities is an important feature of my Astrology practice, I also focus to inspire and motivate the best use of your free will choices.

I invite you to contact me to reserve an appointment to gain a deep and clear understanding of your evolutionary condition, type and needs. I will guide you to make wiser choices with your spiritual evolution.  integrity, intelligence and grace towards an authentic realization of success.

An important feature of this spiritual focus is the psychological perspective. Call is psycho-spirituality. Mainstream psychology has largely taken the soul out of psychology. The notion of growth and evolution as a soul is replaced with whether or we are balanced and well adapted to society or not. As valid as this focus is, it misses the deeper story of your personal, spiritual life.