The second New Moon of Spring 2023 has launched us into the first of two Eclipse Seasons destined to occur in 2023…starting with a Hybrid Solar Eclipse at the critical 29th degree of Aries! The date of this event crosses over between April 19 and 20 because everywhere from the Eastern Time Zone and east of it, as with Europe, Asia and Africa, the event takes place on April 20 with it occurring at 12:13 am EST and from the Central Time going west it occurs in the evening of April 19. Learn more.

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Contrary to popular opinion, the kind of Solar Eclipse it is, whether Total, Partial, Annular or Hybrid, is not so important in Astrology, actually. That said, what is so significant regarding the Hybrid factor, is that it refers to something of a blend of the visuals of the other three combined!  Simply the fact that it is an eclipse of the Sun, which means that it is close to the Lunar Nodes, is of primary importance. As interesting as the differences between the various types of Solar Eclipses are in terms of the visual portrayals, they may not differ much in terms of their actual contribution to the overall influence, from the perspective of Astrology.

What is also more significant first and foremost is where it lands in your own Birth Chart and what aspects it is making to Natal planets and your Cardinal Angles: Ascendant/Descendant, Midheaven and Nadir.

While everyone might get a taste of its impact, especially in as much as it is associated with larger planetary influences such as Pluto in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus, Saturn in Pisces and Jupiter and Chiron in Aries, (all of which are contributing to the changing, global economy), not everyone will feel or notice anything different at all in terms of their personal life and in the most immediate sense.

Perhaps the most significant and powerful factor to consider is the fact that the eclipse is exactly conjunct a very special Fixed Star called Alrisha. Yet, it is also closely aligned with three other Fixed stars as well, so I will first bring attention to these factors and then follow up with a closer examination of the chart as a whole itself. Most significantly, the factor of the whole chart which includes a close square with transformational Pluto situated at 0 Aquarius!

So, there is much to say about this Solar Eclipse and this article can been regarded as Part 2 to that of the first: The Astrology of Spring Equinox 2023.

The Conjunctions to Fixed Stars Factor

What is so interesting about this Solar Eclipse is that it will be exactly conjunct the Fixed Star, Alrisha! As well, it is closely aligned with 3 other Fixed Stars, namely, 1) Mirach and 2) Vertex in the constellation of Andromeda, and 3) Mira in the constellation of Cetus, the ‘whale’.  First, and foremost, the focus is on Alrisha.

What is so special about this Alrisha (also spelled as Al Rischa) is that it occupies the exact position of the knot that joins the cords that connect the two fish in the constellation of Pisces. Pisces is a very large constellation, the largest of the 12 of the Zodiac, in fact, and Aries is the smallest, ironically.

The basic symbolism of Alrisha is, as the image suggests, a unifying factor serving to unite contrasting themes or principles.

Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces, and both are symbolic of the oceans of the world. The contrast here is that the ocean can be interpreted as both deep and dreamy but also as stormy and violent and sometimes the shift from one to the other can occur quite suddenly, as with a tropical storm or an earthquake occurring at the ocean floor… The ocean is also symbolic of the collective consciousness of humanity, even if it is generally an subconscious theme for most people, save for those destined to enter the mystic waters of understanding and realization in a more conscious way. Neptune and Pisces together also symbolize the imagination and artistic expression reflective of mystical perspectives on reality.

As well, as the sign of the disembodied soul, Pisces is directly associated with the Astral Dimension. This is where the entire theme and plot of this spring season’s eclipses really comes to the fore.

Altogether, in my interpretation of these significant events and the powerful themes they host, humanity is destined to experience a spiritual initiation of some sort, an activation that may effectively amount to a ‘thinning of the veils’ between our 3rd-dimensional world and the 4th, which refers to the Astral Dimension.  

As the prophecy goes, our entire planet is now progressively ‘returning’ to re-merge with the Astral. It is said that the ‘Great Fall’ of biblical lore was our entire planet falling to a lower dimensional frequency than that of the Astral which we were purportedly once merged with. It was during that time that the pyramids were built because reality in such higher dimensions renders the laws of physics to be qualitatively different than what we currently are subject to, largely due to the factors of the closer integration of mind and matter. In other words, our mind power is stronger and we are more able to co-create with it…

*(Some may regard this dimension as the 4th and the Astral as the 5th, but the point remains, that all the indications are there that some measure of merger is about to occur…)

The Influences of the Other Three Fixed Stars

Interestingly, despite the very close proximity of the other 3 Fixed Stars, 2 of them are in the constellation of Andromeda, which includes the closest known galaxy to our own named after the constellation. In Greek mythology, Andromeda is the daughter of the King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia of Aethiopia. As the story goes, when Cassiopeia boasts that she is more beautiful than the Nereids, Poseidon sends the sea monster Cetus (whale) to ravage the coast of the kingdom along with Andromeda chained to a rock as a sacrifice to the monster, as punishment. Fortunately, the story is one of love and heroism as the fair Andromeda is saved from torture and death by Perseus, who marries her and takes her to Greece to reign as his queen!

Yet, as is true of most of us, we have our positive sides and our more negative, as well. This is classically true of the ‘personalities’ in Greek Mythology associated with the constellations. Regarding Andromeda and this Solar Eclipse, Mirach indicates a positive attribute and influence while that of Vertex is… more complex. The former referring to Andromeda’s finer qualities and beauty while the latter reveals her in an angry, insolent, frightened and generally negatively reactive state. Below is a summary of the influences of each and how they might manifest syncrhronistically in the world.


Mirach is situated on the side of Andromeda and corresponds to the nature of Venus, with a Neptunian influence in the positive sense: cheerfulness, happiness, love of company, and many interests. It also includes a spirit of altruism, natural inclinations to inspiration and tendencies towards mediumship in terms of artistry. Well-placed in one’s Birth Chart, Mirach also often bestows personal beauty, a brilliant mind, a love of home, great devotion, benevolence, forgiveness, love and themes of overcoming of hardships due to kindness.


Vertex is situated on the thigh of the ‘chained Woman’, Andromeda, and is of the nature of Mars and the Moon symbolic of her naturally fearful and angry reaction to the punishment inflicted upon her by Poseidon. As is true of all Fixed Stars, they are translated as planetary combinations and the Mars-Moon combination is often difficult and symbolizes the negative emotional reactions and overall mood as indicated by the myth. Positively, the Moon/Mars combination leads to renovative attitudes to clear away the old to make way for the new and is also associated with themes and principles of ‘getting to the bottom of things.’ In this regard, the outer synchronicity could manifest as a mass, collective awakening.


Translates as the “marvelous star” in the Tail of the Whale, or the constellation of Cetus. It is a double star and is given this name because of its ever-changing lights, which go from 2 to 10 in variation of light over the course of a 332-day cycle. Its nature corresponds to Saturn and Jupiter. Connected well, it means prudence, perseverance, versatility, endurance in solving difficult problems and generally as a progressive spirit. So, the contributing influences of Mira align with that of the role of Perseus as the heroic savior of Andromeda, the kind, benevolent and altruistic qualities of Mirach, the fixing and repairing attributes of Vertex and the spiritual and unifying principles of Alrisha.

The Key Factors of the Whole Chart

That both the Aries New Moons (March 21 and April 19/20) were in close aspect to Pluto, first by Sextile and now by square, are among the first and most important factors to recognize in terms of the larger influences and wider implications for us all collectively.

Deciphering what has resulted from the initial sextile to Pluto is left to interpretation, but among the many possible outer manifestations of synchronicity is the assertion by Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter regarding the realities of government-funded news broadcast stations being funded by governments revealing the influences of corruption linked to political power agendas.

The fact that the exact degree of this 29 Aries 50 Solar Eclipse on April 19/20 is associated with Pisces and its ruling planet Neptune is also important.

What is noteworthy in this regard is that Neptune may technically be deemed ‘unaspected’. So, this implies issues of over-idealism regarding actions taken to solve problems quickly and finally. This may prove especially true regarding the fact that the time has come for old institutions and traditional norms to yield and dissolve under the influences of disintegration that Neptune and Pisces imply.

Briefly, Neptune is in its own ruling sign of Pisces and can be understood to be both indicative of the mass spiritual awakening and yet can also be understood as a factor of mass denial and deception and a new term that has gained popularity over the recent years especially, mass formation psychosis. This generally implies a form of mass hypnosis based on slanted and biased beliefs and perceptions. Both are very operative at this time as a significant portion of humanity remains unaware of the levels of propaganda being foisted upon humanity on a daily basis by the corruptions of private interests. This is more than a sad realization for those who are more awake, given the darker implications they imply. The fact that Neptune is close to the mid-point of Uranus and Pluto is also noteworthy. Due to the exact degree of Neptune, it is indicative of the death and disintegration of the old order of things, which the rapid rise of A.I. specifically and of the implications of central banks and digital currencies, generally imply.

Venus is also technically unaspected. Positioned at 10 Gemini which, she fortunately, is an auspicious degree for Venus. Yet, unaspected planets are generally interpreted as unintegrated factors, in their negative sense. More positively, as relative loners, that can play an extra special role, if they are awakened to their higher possibility. In this regard, the principle of harmonious communication and diplomatic dialogue for the sake of sharing and educating is indicated.

The other contributing influences of Venus in Gemini is that shares association with the ruling planet of Gemini, which is Mercury. As destiny has it, Mercury and Venus are in each other’s ruling sign which is offers a positive influence technically called ‘Mutual Reception’. So, this might serve to support the otherwise weakened factor of Venus unaspected. The fact that Mercury is at the powerful 15th degree of Taurus lends to the fertile ground of the event associated with the fact that it corresponds to Beltane and the celebration of spring’s fertility. The main issue to watch for will be sensual excess.

The Factor of the Upcoming Scorpio Lunar Eclipse

Adding to this powerful Solar Eclipse is the fact that two weeks after it waxes to culminate as a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio! Moreover, the exact degree of this Lunar Eclipse on May 5h (Cinco De Mayo) is 14 Scorpio 58, or effectively 15 Scorpio. The 15th degree of all the Fixed Signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius which mark the mid-points or peak points of each season are recognized to be extra powerful!

The Moon in Scorpio is ever deep and edgy, even if subtly, but it will not be so subtle this time.


This is true in part due to the fact that the Sun is closely aligned with Uranus at the time of the Full Moon and Uranus is therefore in forming a close, tensional opposition to the eclipsed Moon, which will effectively wax towards Uranus over the course of the eclipse period of several hours. Venus holding the position of highest degree in the chart and forming a close socially enthusiastic and opportunistic sextile to Jupiter in Aries does, however, offer a positive supportive influence overall to the Lunar Eclipse chart factor as a whole.

The Factors of the Adjoining New Moons

Two weeks later, as mentioned above, the Taurus New Moon on May 19 is Cazimi, which means ‘in the heart of the Sun’. In other words, due to the fact that the Moon is in its apogee, of further point away from the Earth in its elliptical orbit, while in its Full Phase, it can be understood to be centered in the Sun’s disc, all apparent from our perspective here on Earth.

To gain yet another wide-angle perspective, the other factor of the first of the two Aries New Moons, corresponding to Spring Equinox event, is also worth repeating. That this was the Solar Eclipse and second New Moon in Aries and both at critical degrees are important factors associated with these larger changes. It is as though it could be symbolized as two sentinels at the gates piercing the airwaves with trumpets to announce the arrival of something great, ominous and powerful, and they are!

What this refers to is the sunrise moment of the Age of Aquarius which has yet to officially occur.

Since the Age is a 2,160-year cycle, the final years leading to this sunrise moment are all a feature of the complexity of the overall process, especially in reference to the outer social and economic synchronicities. That is why among these the awakened ones are accurately referring to these times as ‘apocalyptic’ or unveiling of much that is hidden, true to the effect of the bright light of the morning sun illuminating the previously darkened corners…


Something very significant is destined to happen this spring 2023. Whether this world-wide initiation process manifests in a peaceful or a violent manner, or both if that is possible, remains to be seen at the time of this writing. However, rest assured, something very powerful is brewing and has been since the beginning of time actually, and it is poised to occur over the course of the next three months, or spring season 2023.


How will these powerful eclipses impact your life?

With the valuable awareness of Astrology, I can guide you to respond to cooperate and co-create in these complex times, as opposed to reacting.

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