The Sun enters Virgo today, August 23, 2023, and is followed by Mercury turning retrograde 11 hours later while also in Virgo.

These events occur in context to the Moon in Scorpio.

The chart understood from a whole perspective reveals themes of seeing through and beyond appearances. This can be described as critical thinking, which invariably involves a creative process.

Sun in Virgo and the Power of Critical Thinking.2Creativity in this regard invites us to break free from habitual perspectives and approaches to access new and original interpretations.

Creative, critical thinking can be further described as breaking free of biases, inherited beliefs, and socially conditioned perspectives and generally achieving a state called ‘beginner’s mind’. Thinking creatively this way serves to delete old, limiting patterns of perception and essentially increases your ability to be more fully present, here and now, which is, has always been, and will ever be the point of power. Once accessed, you will also be able to tap into it more quickly again.

Holistic tools like Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, and other various modes of oracular methods serve to offer insights and knowledge that challenge our beliefs, assumptions, denials, and influences from external sources. This endeavor to ‘clear seeing’ – to seeing through, beyond, behind, and within, are examples of truly creative, critical thinking.

This theme will prove strong for this entire solar cycle through to the Sun entering Libra on September 22, equating to Autumn Equinox.

Interestingly, the strongest driver in the chart cast for the exact moment the Sun enters Virgo, (which offers a fractal perspective, of seeing the solar cycle in Virgo from a whole perspective), is Venus Retrograde in Virgo. The driver refers to the strongest energy pattern which therefore assumes a more prominent role. Venus in the chart is at the apex point of an opposition (180 degrees) between the Moon in Scorpio and Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. Specifically, the Moon closes opposes the mid-point between Jupiter and Uranus, which is the point of power between them.

Sun in Virgo and the Power of Critical Thinking.3This dynamic aspect pattern is called a T-square and, due to other factors the details of which I will not list for the sake of brevity, will push people to make the extra effort to break free from casual assumptions based on information shared by popular means.

Mercury turns retrograde three times per year and the cycle lasts for 3 weeks. It is known to disrupt communications, at the more subtle levels associated with synapses and circuitry then manifesting as increased incidents of confusion, factual omissions, and anomalous issues especially with electrical technological devices. Yet, the sign that Mercury is in while retrograde does make a difference and it so happens that while in Virgo, it tends to ‘perform better’ than in most of the other signs. While it would prove prudent to still be aware of possible disruptions briefly summarized above, it can be harnessed to strengthen our abilities in various ways, and for this cycle, the emphasis is on creative, critical thinking.


To activate your engagement, begin by doing a bit of research and investigate the definition and deeper meaning of ‘cognitive dissonance’. If you do so, your critical thinking ability will advance to a whole new level of power.

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