Testimonials for Michael O'Connor, Astrologer & Life Coach


It is one of my highlights and really now the only horoscope I read and find useful counsel in. ~ Jess


For all the horror unfolding as the world burns, there is hope in the web that connects us all. Like trees, on the surface, we stand alone, but beneath the surface, the roots of the trees and grandfather rocks are entwined into one forest. I find inspiration as an artist in what you share in your Horoscope I receive from you each week. Thank you. ~ Dee


Wow, loved your horoscope for this week; juicy stuff!! ~ Alexa


I really love your horoscopes, I find them so on point all the time and look forward to every Friday to hear from you. ~ Grace


My weekly horoscope for Pisces was most fitting! Steven 


Hey Michael, I think I have said it before, but have to say it again. It´s really amazing when reading your weekly horoscopes so often I think, you have written it for me personally. I know you haven’t, but it is so on the point. Many thanks. ~ Beate


WOW what an amazing weekly horoscope. I have passed it on to many friends and discussed it with them. ~ Joel


Your view of the astrological “weather forecast”, as I like to view it, for KNT, was exactly on the money, if case you were interested. Warmly, Johannes


I am reaching out to you say Happy New Year and how much I absolutely love your “Horoscope for the Week”. It gives me a positioning within the world and within my day. It gives it to me on such an intuitive way from my sense of smell, (if that makes sense to you). Centered and clear. ~ Tonya


Hi Michael, I love your new way of communicating your astrological updates a new approach for you that ‘I know’ will bring you success. You are such a brilliant astrology teacher presenting the science and not just horoscopes!! Wishing you all the best! Cheers, Elaine and Brian


Hi Michael, Your Newsletter’s & Horoscopes are insightful, laced with plenty of facts based on his Astrological findings. Also, I do like your sense of humor. However, mostly I really enjoy the information based genre to be useful when manoeuvring these troubling times, that we currently find ourselves living in. ~ L.K.