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Testimonials - General

Michael O’Connor’s readings are incredible. He has a natural talent and aptitude for reading astrological charts with a fine tuned accuracy, coupled with a deep well spring of experience. He also has the ability to uncannily see into your life, or lives and read the patterns and images received, and express them in an easily understood and relatable way. It’s seems he has a number of intuitive gifts that he uses synergistically to help individuals unravel the events and components of their lives so as to better understand themselves and their unique place in the world. It is a truly magical experience to have Michael as a vibrant translator to read these templates of the soul. Thank you so much Michael! Lisa D.


Hi Dearest Michael, I’m delighted and grateful to let you know that today the property sold… It went on the market on Wednesday, on Thursday (yesterday) someone came to see it, last evening they put an offer in, I countered it this morning to conditions that I felt really good about and it was accepted a couple of hours ago… what can I say but how grateful I am about your good advice and counsel to put it on the market right away and for the smooth events and blessing that have followed…With much love and sweet blessings. Elvira


Hello Michael, Thank you for your time and dedication to your profession. There are few who take the time to ask for feedback from others, as well as take the time to write a full understanding of your thoughts on astrology. I am grateful for all your service to others and appreciate all that you do. Maria S.


I have had several readings with Michael, which have been very valuable. I have recommended several friends to Michael for readings, all of whom have been extremely grateful and found them very helpful in their daily lives. He is multi-talented and can put people in touch with any helpful resources which might help them either physically, emotionally or spiritually. Natania


I have never had such an amazing talk with someone. Michael is able to understand and lead you to your true self, he goes above and beyond and shares not only what he finds but where you can seek out more answers. His open mind allows you to be truly heard, no matter the question. Katie