The summer season of 2021 will be dramatic, as marked by the chart of Summer Solstice, and the line up of astrological aspects effecting us all. How these will specifically affect you is the more personal question…. Book a Reading to find out.

Summer Solstice officially occurred on June 21, 2021 at 3:32 am in Greenwich UK, the longitude representing the 0-hour for the planet. Solstice is measured as the time when the Sun enters Cancer in the Tropical Zodiac. Of course, it also marks the longest hours of daylight here in the Northern Hemisphere. Yet, the main point I will emphasize in this article is that the exact moment of this event produces what is called an ‘ingress chart’, which highlights of the core themes for the time period in question. See the Summer Solstice chart below at the bottom of this article.

In this case, the ingress chart encompasses the summer season. The 2021 ingress chart is not the final word, as there are ever many factors and cycles of influence at play, which I also elaborate on below.  However, it is indeed a relevant contributing factor which will manifest as synchronistic themes that establishes an anchor theme for the entire season. This is how fractals in the hologram work and, the chart observed as a whole, offers important insights guidance for and insights into these extremely complex times, thereby taking on much more gravity than usual. It should be noted, however, that this chart is cast as a Solar Chart, since the Ascendant will be different for each time zone so it provides a perspective available to all locations. Incidentally, horoscopes are written on the basis of the Solar Chart and I invite you to sign-up here to get yours sent to you for free each week.

The Moon in Scorpio

Astrology of Summer Solstice, Michael O'Connor, Astrologer
credit, Rachel Claire

While always an important factor, but even more so due to the Sun’s transit through Cancer, the Moon at the exact moment of Summer Solstice was at 9 Scorpio 26 and mid-way into the 2nd quarter phase. I will elaborate upon the sign and degree of the Moon shortly, but first it is helpful to understand that the Moon’s Phase always holds within it the fractal theme of the entire chart. The Scorpio influence does certainly contribute by deepening and darkening the waters, churning them into choppy and intimidating waves, which is generally true when the Moon is in Scorpio, its most complex sign placement in which it is also in its ‘fall’ or most difficult sign.  

The Four Corners of the Moon Phase for Summer 2021

Briefly, the Phase of the Moon can be understood to share close association with 3 other phases, thus what can be described as the ‘4 corners of the Moon’s phase’. Again, this is a fractal principle. Specifically, in my work with clients I use a powerful tool I discovered years ago to better understand the core themes and indeed the cornerstone themes of their destiny. In this regard, the order of the themes is a significant factor as each can be understood to encompass a 21-year period which culminates as 84 years, which is the duration of the orbital cycle of Uranus, the planet symbolic of individuation, which is an important spiritual theme of destiny for us all.  This Moon Phase tool measures the 28 Phases of the Moon as not only significant in themselves, but each as a cornerstone theme shared with three others, producing what I refer to as the four corners. This system was actually channeled by the wife, a gifted psychic and medium, of W.B. Yeats, the famous Irish Poet from the Romantic Period who weaves metaphysical principles into his work. While a good deal of the channeled material in the world amounts to what I deem ‘spiritual fluff’, in my opinion, occasionally, some really good material is shared and the best of these that I have discovered come in the form of ‘models of psychological and spiritual wisdom’ as opposed to random messages, as inspirational as they can be at times. Lost to humanity for decades, it resurfaced in the 1980’s and was outlined in a powerful book entitled ‘Moon Phase Key’ by a competent writer and student of Astrology, esotericism and the mystery school traditions, namely, Martin Goldsmith.

First – The Gathering of Friends

Interestingly, the first of the four or the actual Phase of the Moon symbolically features quality time shared with friends and an increased flow of emotions. Described as ‘The Gathering of Friends’, hosts the themes outlined above – quality time shared with friends. It features themes of new social  groups  emerging linked to the unifying power of human emotion and  to attunement to shared  beliefs, interpretations and vibrations of the rhythm and flow of life. Woven within it are themes of trust and faith amplified by inspiration, identification of similarity and emotional appeal. This first corner is described by Martin Goldsmith as ‘The Will to Be’. So, it may appear all quite wonderful, yet it so happens that the 3 other corners specifically related to this theme positioned in the lead or front position, are all quite heavy, complex and dramatic, as you will see.

Second – The Mask & Widowed Queen

The Astrology of Summer Solstice, Michael O'Connor, Astrologer
credit, Pavel Danilyuk

The next significant corner of this phase is described as ‘The Mask’ or what is projected and therefore that which we also attract. The heading for it is described as “The Widowed Queen’.

On one hand, the process includes working on our karma to free ourselves of personal problems that can be described as paralyzing and which produce inertial and depression. Self-discipline is required with an attitude towards productivity and advancement, requiring us to apply all the wisdom we have for the sake of increased confidence towards the development of our personal resources.

Recognizing this theme throughout the summer season and aligning with it will help us all as we pass through narrows with high, black cliffs with jutting rocks at the base. Getting through it unscathed is highly unlikely.

Third – The Creative Mind

The Astrology of Summer Solstice, Michael O'Connor, Astrologer

The next corner referred to as ‘The Creative Mind’ reveals themes that include thought processes, ideals, and philosophical beliefs, and people we are attracted to and inclined to emulate.

The cornerstone theme of this phase reveals political and ideological struggles. Divisions are likely as some people defend the key elements of their beliefs and heritage, and will attack elements that are outmoded. This influence includes the construction of new world views and is loaded with resolve, power and force.

Fourth – Body of Fate

The fourth cornerstone theme referred to as the ‘Body of Fate’. It implies the main sense of responsibility and duty subject to social and political themes, groups and their respective ambitions.

Effects of the Four Corners…

What these influences will produce over the summer season is a powerful shifting of allegiances and alliances. People will be called and compelled to tackle collective problems via cooperative efforts. Immersion in personal and collective problems towards practical accomplishments will become an obvious theme guiding the plot. Potency of action is a keyword and aligns strongly with the Scorpio Moon.

More on the Scorpio Moon Factor

The Scorpio Moon is also featured in a loosely knit Grand Square including Mars, Saturn and Uranus in the respective fixed signs of Leo, Aquarius and Taurus. Fixed Square aspect patterns are considered the most powerful of all due to the gravity of the Fixed Mode, which is the heaviest of the three. The Moon has no other aspects and so carries the whole brunt of two Squares to Mars and Saturn respectively and an Opposition to Uranus.

Mars and Pluto are the ruling planets for Scorpio, and Pluto in Capricorn holds the distinction of the planet of highest degree. This implies that it is a powerful guiding force. Mars at 5 Leo 54 is symbolically linked to the Sun and to Venus in Cancer which is also forming a Trine to Neptune, producing deep stirrings of emotion and imagination, ideally woven with spiritual themes and is reinforced by Jupiter in the early degrees of Pisces, which can be basically interpreted as the importance of stocking-up on supplies… here’s a further dive into that.

Sabian Symbol Description of Early Degree in Pisces

This theme of ‘stocking up’ is reinforced by the Sabian Symbol associated with this early degree in Pisces which reads as follows:


KEYNOTE: The individual’s need both to ensure his future subsistence and to protect himself from aggressive social elements.

“The squirrel not only has to hide and store food for the winter, but to be on the lockout for the dangers involved in gathering this food supply. Social processes always cast strong shadows. The individual is never certain of being safe among his fellowmen, once the process of individualization — with its negative aspects, competition, social aggressivity and greed — forces the breakdown of the organic tribal state of mankind.”

This Sabian Symbol warns of “the dangers of life in society during an era of exacerbated individualism, when violence is a possibility never to be dismissed. The need for SELF-PROTECTION and caution is ever present.”

Other Aspects in the Plot

So, the usual spiritual themes that would align with Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces could well manifest as overactive imaginations, hysteria and panic.

Venus in Cancer is also forming a close Opposition to Pluto, further revealing emotional hardship. And, with Pluto in the sign of ‘government-ruled’ Capricorn and at the position of highest degree, it strongly indicates that governments will come down hard and harshly without a great deal of concern for the welfare of any they deem dissidents to their authority.

Uranus in Venus-ruled Taurus meanwhile, is positioned at a degree that is linked to Virgo and Libra, indicating changes to the rhythm and flow of daily life and of the economy, specifically emphasizing personal security. This could well result in violence due to an indirect connection with Mars in Leo and the complex relationship it has with Libra where it also represents a complex influence.

Mercury in Gemini and conjunct the Lunar North Node meanwhile, is also associated with the themes associated with Jupiter, outlined above. That Mercury forms a loose Trine to Saturn in Aquarius, which does represent a theme of revolution itself, (and it too specific to the exact  degree it occupies, points it back to Cancer, ruled by the Moon which was in Scorpio), thus bringing the entire network of dispositing energies full circle.

With Pluto in ‘government-ruled’ Capricorn, and positioned at a degree that is associated with Scorpio at this time of writing, here’s a more positive description from the Sabian Symbol for Pluto which reads as follows:


KEYNOTE: The ascent of the individualized consciousness to the highest realizations reached by the spiritual leaders of its culture.

We hear a great deal now about “peak experiences,” but this symbol tells us that they depend to a very great extent upon following a path that many have trod before, under the inspiration of the great Teachers and Sages of our race. The shrine is built by the unceasing dedication of perhaps generations of men. The pilgrimage is hallowed by the devotion of many, even though each person finds on their own mountaintop; what to them seems a unique and transcendent revelation.

In this symbol we witness the rise of the human consciousness; the preceding symbol spoke of what one may picture as the “descent” of the energies of nature which, like water, flow down toward a lower level of intensity. It is man’s supreme task to rise like fire, impelled by a vision they share with their companions. The Keyword: UPREACHING.

So, those who are aware are wise to heed the wisdom woven within this theme.

Mercury Stationary Direct and Jupiter and Neptune Stationary Retrograde

There is always so much to say about any chart, but I will add the fact that planets that are stationary whether as they are set to turn Direct or Retrograde, take on that much more gravity, thus influence and importance. Synchronizing with Summer Solstice 2021, Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune are all Stationary, at a perceptual standstill. Jupiter/Zeus and Neptune/ Poseidon in mystical, psychic Pisces with increased gravity as both turn retrograde on June 20 and 25, a short spell for these two gas giants. While planets retrograde can be understood as indicators of difficult karma, especially the fast-moving planets in the Birth Chart, quite the opposite is true of Jupiter and Neptune Retrograde, deepening the spiritual impulse significantly. That both are forming harmonious aspects: Neptune Trine Venus in Cancer and Sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, and Jupiter to the Sun, no less, our great star in inspirational Trine to Zeus, the King of Heaven, and the largest planet in the Solar System, amounting to more mass than all the planets, moons, comets and all, combined…, lend to the auspicious quality of this feature of the chart. This comes at a critical time and it is imperative and wise that we all take as full advantage of it as we can. For example, listen to uplifting and soul-soothing music and read uplifting and spiritual writings, especially in the morning soon upon waking and just before you drift off to sleep, if only for a few minutes on each end, enough to align with the heightened vibrration.

It is also extra noteworthy that Mercury and Jupiter, which are the ruling planets of the current position of the Lunar North and South Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius respectively, are both in this condition. Mercury turns Direct in its own sign, where it is on Honor, on June 22 at 6 pm EDT, or 1 am on June 23 in Greenwich UK. Jupiter turned Retrograde on June 20 at 11:06 am EDT. Mercury closely aligned with the North Node indicates the call to new interpretations. As well, it offers a message to exercise common sense, as well, however you interpret it.

The Mayan Dreamspell for Summer Solstice

On a final note, the Mayan Dreamspell for June 21, 2021 reads as follows:

Red Resonate Moon

Galactic Activation Portal

I channel in order to purify
Inspiring flow
I seal the process of universal water
With the resonant tone of attunement
I am guided by the power of birth.

From all of this, we are left to realize that whatever the outcome of this summer’s events, themes of birth are woven into the overall plot. We are wise to focus our energies to contribute to giving birth to a world that recognizes us all as souls incarnate, a human family that must learn to care for and protect the health and welfare of  all people guided firmly by the Golden Rule: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

Yet, this actually begins by directing this exact intention towards our own health and welfare. So, focus on healing, clearing the clutter, cleansing your body, thought patterns, and negative emotions by cultivating better habits, and generally raising your vibration.

Here are a few ideas:

Clean your house well.

Organize your papers and finances as well as you can if necessary.

Drink more fresh water. (add a tablespoon per cup of organic apple cider vinegar 1X per day).

Exercise daily, at least by walking, ideally no less than a couple of kilometers and get as close to nature as you can.

Be impeccable with your word and do not judge or speak ill of others or yourself, in fact give you and ‘them’ the benefit of the doubt to be who and how they are, even if this requires that you keep your distance…

Regularly find reason to express gratitude.

Thank, forgive and release all the souls with whom you have shared experiences, to the best of your ability, ‘forgive as it shall set you free’. ‘live and let live’, ‘let go and let God’.

Focus to be aware and, more importantly, to be awake to the concept of being awake. (Just ask if this is unclear.)

Pray for humanity and our planet, asking higher spiritual powers to assist us.

Of course, in the final analysis, how these astrological influences are destined to activate your free will response, subject to the finer details of your destiny. This is evidenced in your Birth Chart and reveals where you are now in regards to your Transits, Progressions, Directions and Returns…, aka, your destined evolutionary themes and timing.

This is why your sense of personal responsibility includes authentic self-awareness and this is where the insights I can provide you with many years of study and practice using the time-honored tools of Astrology and Numerology.

Summer Solstice 2021 Astrology Chart