5 Year Plan Model

The Five Year Plan

Looking to the future and planning ahead by setting clear goals and intentions framed with timelines is a common and practical aspect of life. This is where Astrology can help a lot.

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While free will is certainly an important component of life and where the determination echoed by common cliché’s like, “where there is a will there is a way”, are valid and even true, it can prove extra helpful to know what cycles and key turning points and their themes and key dates are in store.

These can be provided for any length of time thanks to Astrology and Numerology, in fact for your entire life. But people like the ‘rounded’ figure of 5 years as a time period that is long enough to achieve some significant achievements, such as get a degree or bring a start-up business to its full stride. The twist is that despite all good intentions and backed by the determination of an ardent will to power and drive to succeed, there is a long failure and even casualty list among those who try.

The reason is not a lack of intelligence per se, or of sincerity, discipline, effort and/or follow through, nor is it the cause of brilliant strategies and formulas no, many failures and well intentioned and even well-designed plans often fall through and produce all sorts of problems due to timing. This brings to mind that other cliché which reminds us that ‘life happens while you are making plans for other things’.

While no amount of prediction can completely offset the realities of our own personal cycles of experiences or those of significant others and society in general, at least we can gain a clearer understanding of the time period that we are in and/or will soon enter into in the near future and even in the coming years. Yes, timing is of the essence and even by gaining an overview for the coming years, say 5 for example, of themes, turning points, endings, challenging periods, flow periods or what may be deemed green, yellow and red light periods, we stand a much better chance of success in all the various ways it may be defined.

Will power and willful action is great and so too is the wisdom of flow or of knowing when to make certain moves and when to lay low. Beyond the grace that this sort of knowledge may provide, it can also serve to offset what might and in fact often does manifest as potentially unnecessary stress and worry and tendencies to control circumstances and people at the expense of the deeper wisdom that recognizes that our lives are woven with destiny comprised or cycles, themes, rhythms and patterns and of timing.

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