By now, the date of April 8th, 2024, and what has come to be called the Great American Eclipse, has gained international attention. Probably the main reason is that the path of the Total Solar Eclipse destined to occur on that day crosses the path of the most recent previous Total Solar Eclipse in late August 2017. The fact the intersection region of both events happens to be located on the New Madrid Fault Line has stirred imaginations. Moreover, the path of the April 8 eclipse, so happens to run along a trajectory that is the site of numerous cities the names of which share biblical association. With so much chaos already occurring in the United States and the consequent state of widespread, social anxiety, it all becomes quite understandable. As it is, fears have been stirred and imaginations triggered amounting to much speculation and hype of biblical prophetic proportion.

The deeper questions regarding the outer implications and the deeper meaning and purpose are certainly on many people’s minds.

To this end, I have conducted a deeper study and some of the result of it is indeed intriguing. I will endeavor to encompass the larger of the main perspectives which include insights related to Astrology and Astronomy, religion, and science, social politics, and division in a country that is in the throws of widespread unrest occurring at many levels.

The astrological study of a nation is a large task since there are many levels beyond that of an actual person. What the ultimate results of this eclipse event will produce for the United States is not my task, but in this article, I will outline and elaborate on it and some of the more prominent themes at play. Altogether, a rich tapestry of energies directly related to outer realities lends further credence to the collective instinct that the April 8, 2024, Total Solar Eclipse is destined to have some major impacts and perhaps even several combined with far-reaching consequences. The effects of a Solar Eclipse can occur right away, within days or the first couple of weeks anyway, but the deeper themes can take longer to unfold so an ongoing observational study is ever warranted This is true of an individual person but even more so for a nation due to its magnitude.

The insights shared will provide you with various perspectives to support your own interpretations that you have not likely learned anywhere else, which I hope you will find illuminating and relevant. Although some of the knowledge might prove new to you, I made the effort to explain the reasons for my interpretations each step of the way. In this regard, you will gain some understanding of the logic behind the interpretative astrological techniques used. So I invite you to settle in to read this article and share it with family and friends as you feel inclined.

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The 5 Major Features of the Solar Eclipse are:

  1. The Saros Cycle

  2. The Eclipse Path

  3. Conjunctions to Fixed Stars

  4. Hard Aspects to the Sun and Between Other Planets

  5. How the Eclipse Chart as a Whole Impacts Any Given PERSON

  6. The USA Sibley Birth Chart + April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse – Bi-Wheel

  7. Neptune and Imagination Producing Inspiration or Hysteria

The Saros Cycle

The scope and timespan of eclipses are much deeper and more complex than is commonly realized. Eclipses either begin at the North or the South Pole. There are between 19 and 21 eclipses that begin at either end, North or South, and there are 38-42 series active at any given time.

An entire eclipse cycle, more accurately understood as a ‘Saros Series’ or Family, lasts for about 1,300 years and includes 71-73 ‘events’ or eclipses associated with each of the 38-42 eclipse series or ‘families’, which includes both Solar and Lunar Eclipses. Because each series begins at either the North or the South Pole, it should be deciphered whether the Saros Cycle or eclipse family are designated as North or South.

Again, there are 19 to 21 cycles that emerge from the South and 19 to 21 from the North. Each begins with a Solar Eclipse which further emphasizes the importance of all subsequent Solar Eclipses with Lunar Eclipses playing a contributing role, yet ‘riding shot gun’, so to speak.

Part of the key to understanding any given eclipse is to assess the implications of the first one that originated either at the North or South Pole on a specific date. Each Eclipse Series carries the ‘signature influence of the 1st Solar Eclipse in the series.

The April 8, 2024 eclipse is part of Saros 139, which began on May 17, 1501 and will conclude its Saros Series cycle in the year 2763.

Saros 139 includes a total of 71 related eclipses, with the April 8, 2024 eclipse being the 30th in this series.

This reveals an evolutionary dynamic that is all part of a much larger process than a human lifespan. The divine matrix works this way with more emphasis on process than outcome, yet the closer the two can meet the better, as with a teeter-tottering 49/51 ratio symbolizing the supreme ideal.

So, I will begin by offering an interpretation of the anchor eclipse first.

Saros Series South 139 – May 17, 1501


It so happens that a core theme associated with Saros Series 139 basically suggests the proverbial struggle between the head and the heart brains, rationale versus intuition, as indicated by a close square between the Sun/Moon conjunction at 4 Gemini 51 and Uranus at 3 Pisces 59. The goal is synthesis and integration or the aspiration to whole-brain thinking. To this end, the process might require that we de-emphasize our traditional and habitual perceptual tendencies, as indicated by the South Node in Scorpio and Capricorn on the 8th Cusp, Pluto’s home, and deliberately emphasize those perceptions that are not as strong. Of course, this requires self-awareness and self-honesty along with a deliberate determination based on a visionary appreciation of achieving a higher state of perceptual awareness and creative, critical thinking capacities.

Another core challenge of this cycle indicates an erratic, stubborn, and impulsive tendency to react against any opposition that blocks or obstructs individual rights and freedoms. While the goal is justified, it is the tendency towards the means or the method of approach that requires upliftment. Not that existence cares, because it is morally neutral, but life teaches by consequences, so the wisdom shared is ours to make the most of or not, as the world turns.

There is also an urge to stand out in the crowd, to be seen and acknowledged. The challenge here includes developing more inclusive perspectives requiring higher levels of maturity, conscientious awareness, and a humble willingness to share the limelight, as it were. Thus, among the more positive integrations is the ability to take a unique and original lead which is more about inspiration than authority, as Uranus in Pisces placed high in the solar chart suggests. (Solar Charts are those used when writing Horoscopes based on the Sun’s sign, yet using 0-degree cusps stemming from the sign the Sun is in.)

Since the Sun/Moon conjunction is in the Duad of Cancer, the challenge includes awakening to and learning (as indicated by Saturn also in Gemini in the ‘why’ position to the Sun and Moon) to integrate perception faculties including I.Q., as indicated by five planets in Gemini and E.Q., as indicated by both the Cancer Duad and Uranus in Pisces. The former refers to linear logic or the ability to calculate and remember facts, while the latter refers to emotional intelligence or the ability to genuinely empathize with oneself and others.

Mercury in exact conjunction with Chiron also featured in the 5-planet sign stellium in Gemini, contributes to this theme of healing and integration of sense faculties the result of which stands to produce a significantly heightened awareness and ability to think critically and creatively and to see through and beyond false notions and deceptions. While this aspect supports empathetic listening, the main issue is tendencies to cast blame. This is further emphasized due to Chiron in the position of highest degree.

On the other end is Uranus in Pisces holding the position of lowest degree indicative of a unique approach in which an intuitive guiding principle supports improvisation as opposed to planned strategies. Uranus is also disposited by Neptune in Capricorn which contributes to the overall theme of breaking free from the restrictions of traditional attitudes, patterns, and approaches.

Mercury and Chiron also were forming a close Square to Mars in Pisces and an even tighter Upper inconjunct to Pluto in Scorpio. The Mars square indicates confusion between thoughts and actions, amplified by Mars in Pisces and a tendency towards quarrels. The Upper Inconjunct is itself a Scorpio aspect so to have it exact to Pluto in Scorpio adds weight and significance to the impulse to break with the past, which due to the South Node also in Scorpio and Capricorn on the 8th House Cusp suggests hardships in the formative years that can, hypothetically, be traced to scarring, emotional trauma.

So, the overall theme of this chart is to build upon new foundations as emphasized by Venus in Taurus, a shining star in the overall chart, conjunct the Lunar North Node. This also offers indications of rich fertile soil, metaphorically speaking, supporting rapid and abundant growth. Again, all of this associated with aspirations to heightened levels of whole-brain thinking, which, beyond the brain literally, includes the head, heart and gut brains, or reason, intuition, and instinct working in closer, integrated unison.  Although wide, a supportive Sextile from Jupiter in Aries highlights a pioneering spirit to blaze new trails and leave the past behind.

This is all quite in keeping with the fact that the April 8, 2024, Solar Eclipse is in Aries, the sign of pioneering initiatives and assertions.

Chart of the April 8, 2024, Solar Eclipse in Aries


The most obvious and noteworthy aspect in the April 8th Solar Eclipse chart is the fact that Chiron is exactly conjunct the Sun and Moon at 19 Aries.

This is in serendipitous alignment with the root eclipse of the entire Saros Cycle. So, the theme of healing continues.

Since it is in Aries, the emphasis is on healing oneself and returning to a state of authenticity or learning to explore and express it for the first time.

Chiron, strongly emphasized, indicates the sowing of seeds of a healing process. The downside is that it could prove to be more fully akin to a surgery than a softer mode of healing, due to the indirect influence of Scorpio.

Pluto in Aquarius at the lowest degree is one indication of this. Due to the Aquarian influence, the focus will be on larger groups of people.

Mars is the other ruler of Aries, and it is in Pisces auspiciously close to Saturn.

Mars applying to a conjunction to Saturn implies becoming aware of and intentionally overcoming ego-centric tendencies anchored in excessively subjective, instinctual survival reactions. This requires a determined and disciplined attitude of healthy surrender, specifically of lower chakra emphasis and orientation to life which implies surviving more than genuinely living. This empowering influence combined with the Pisces factor also produces an overall softening effect at best, as with themes of wisely yielding to larger forces and themes of our collective destiny whose time has come.

Yet, at worst,

the Mars/Saturn conjunction supports an evasive and escapist tendency along with deceptive or denial-oriented themes. As well, it could well manifest as hysterical, imagination-driven, and dramatic influence. This is already quite evident with the sensational attention being directed to this eclipse, slanted to worry and concern more than excitement and optimism.

Jupiter closely aligned with Uranus in Taurus could bring both a grounding aspect along with a spirit of upliftment, yet also a rebellious or even revolutionary impulse to resist the influence of outer, authoritarian forces.

The fact that Mercury will be retrograde in Aries will largely have the effect of sharpening the focus. Yet, due to its association with Mars, the ruler of Aries, which is in Pisces, the result could be mixed, as with people using the event as an excuse to escape one way or another. This is further emphasized by Neptune holding the position of the planet of highest degree. Yet, because Neptune is also in honor in its own sign, the overall experience could prove inspirational and sufficient to achieve the ideal of a collective forward march in our evolutionary journey.

Since the Sun is exalted in Aries, this also contributes to the success of this evolutionary progression.

However, Venus in Aries, Saturn and Mars in Pisces, Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Aquarius are all somewhat challenged in these respective signs, so the advance is not likely to be without resistance.

We might have to reconcile the very real possibility that the step forward could be arduous to achieve or, even if by some divine intervention, we could advance a few steps, we might have to contend with it falling back two steps. Although this still amounts to one step forward, it will not be idly given or quickly achieved in terms of whole integration. Yet, it ever remains that the evolutionary impulse operates on both individual and collective levels. In some respects, therefore, these themes are meant for us all, yet not everyone is destined or able to integrate them, at least not at the same rate or to the same degree.

Thus is life. On this note, I will direct some attention to the deeper purpose of this overall dynamic as outlined by the “Composite Chart”.

Composite Chart for May 17, 1501 (Saros 139) and April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse


Note: A Composite Chart is based on the synthesis of any two charts which serves to reveal the deeper purpose of the relationship. There are two basic systems used in Western Astrology – one based on the mid-points between the charts and the other based on the chart produced by the mid-point in time, called the Davison Composite technique. While both techniques do produce relevant results, I have come to the conviction that the Davison Composite is more relevant.

It occurred to me that the composite chart of Saros 139 and this current Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024, could offer some further clues regarding its purpose and actual manifestation. This technique certainly works well regarding the charts of actual people and they can be progressed as well, This means that the progression charts of each person can also be used to create a composite chart rendering remarkably good results regarding insights into how their relationship is unfolding and if and when challenges will be experienced. Even though the composite chart reveals a ‘virtual person’ it would seem that according to the fractal principles of holism, they work. So, I applied this principle to the current Solar Eclipse and the root Saros Series by way of a theoretical experiment. Well, it did not disappoint and I will share the results here below.

Using the Davison Composite technique, the derived date is November 1, 1762, (the mid-point date in time), which so happens marks the early stages of the American Revolution! Consider this compelling article: The American Revolution Begins: 1761-1774, the focus of which closely aligns with the overall theme of the April 8, 2024, Solar Eclipse!

I deem this to be a marvelous example of synchronicity offering clues regarding the purpose of this next eclipse in Saros Series 139. What it basically suggests is that the consequence of this eclipse could produce a whole new revolution. Of course, the American Revolution was a war to achieve freedom and liberty from the grip of monarchist tyranny. Since it no longer exists, it would seem that the focus would turn to the people against the government to the extent that it no longer upholds the vision and principles of the American Constitution which resulted from the victory of the American forces against the British. Rumors of civil war in the United States have been brewing subject to the extreme divide between Republicans and Democrats, which appears to be wider than ever. So, could this amount to a war that is something of a blend of the American Revolution of the 18th century and the Civil War or the 19th century?

Returning to the insights gained from this chart, the first and most obvious standout in this Composite Chart is the Sun at 9 Scorpio conjunct the Lunar South Node also in Scorpio, albeit by a wide orb of just shy of 7 degrees, Yet, due to the power and importance of the Sun, its orb is usually up to 10 degrees. Interestingly, Scorpio is the sign of the elite class. Perhaps the the vast gap between rich and poor in the United States, the American Dream becoming a nightmare, has come to its peak. 

Also noteworthy is the fact that the Nodal Axis reveals Scorpio at the South and Taurus at the North. (as with the root eclipse of Saros Series 139), This can be basically interpreted as a clean and whole break from a difficult past, the results of which tend to linger as emotional trauma and focusing on the fertile soils of Taurus to build upon new foundations, as basically outlined in the Soros 139 interpretation. So, there is a common denominator theme also very evidently featured.

Auspiciously, the Moon is closely conjunct Jupiter also in Taurus at 4 and 5 degrees respectively with the North Node at 2 degrees, thus all very tight. The Moon is exalted in Taurus and Jupiter is ‘exalted’ when in Cancer, the Sign the Moon rules, which effectively produces the exaltation theme, which as the word suggests, is very positive.

Three planets in Sagittarius, the sign of religions, include Mercury, Venus, and Pluto. Mercury at the earliest degree plays an anchoring role in the chart and Pluto holding the position of highest degree (the indicator of the goal ‘at the end of the day’) indicates that the destiny of the whole chart dynamic points to a transformational process associated with religious convictions.

Interestingly, Sagittarius is the ‘fall’ sign for Mercury. Basically, the associated challenges of this placement include effectively ‘losing sight of the forest for the trees’ and misinterpreting the letter of the law as equating to the spirit’. In short, ‘literalism’ is the issue and dogmatism and hysteria of unchecked zeal drunk with the illusion of unfounded pride, as indicated by Neptune in Leo holding the position of highest elevation in this Solar chart, regarding what certain words mean, as with so called holy scripture which dominates the patriarchal religions of the West, especially, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Venus applying to Pluto in the late degree of Sagittarius is also a standout aspect. First, the mid-point between them, with Venus at 26 Sag o3 and Pluto at 29 Sag 46, pretty much exactly aligns with the Galactic Center which is 28 Sagittarius. The Galactic Center is regarded to be a very spiritual point among many Astrologers. With Venus applying to Pluto, the implication is one of ‘letting go of the past and committing to the future’. Pluto at the critical 29th degree is indicative of the need for ‘patient overcoming’. In other words, while it may well be time for belief-based religions to yield to spiritual science, it does not go to say that the process will be swift. Yet, as the ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter closely aligned with the Moon in Taurus supports the idea that success is assured, even though it may require a few generations in the bigger picture.

Saturn and Uranus both in Aries reveal yet another set of challenges. First, Saturn is in its detriment in Aries tending towards a lack of clear direction forward. Uranus in Aries is agitated by a close, edgy, and potentially violent square with Mars in Capricorn. Admittedly, this is likely to manifest as violent reaction by those unable or unwilling to let go of the traditions of the past and embrace the forward march of civilization, again as indicated by Uranus in Aries.

On a final note, Chiron in Aquarius in the Solar 4th House, indicates a core wound held by humanity as a whole (Aquarius) in that we are effectively currently lost or in limbo between what once was and what is destined.


A broad interpretation of this Composite Chart can be described as the debate between religious belief and literal interpretations of biblical scripture, and those who regard their orientation to be spiritual as opposed to religious.

From a whole perspective, the time has come for intuition and spirituality to replace linear logic and religion. However, the past will not go down without resistance and even conflict. So, this ancient and emotionally charged theme will not end so quickly. Positively, this could produce the next major evolutionary push in this regard and the subsequent outer, social confrontations of these modes of perception, among other factors.

So, this eclipse on April 8, 2024, based on the influences of the Saros Cycle, will activate this confrontation, as it were. It might not be recognized as such, but for those able to see the bigger picture of purpose beyond outer events, this theme of the revolutions of evolution for the people of the United States perhaps most specifically, will be at play.

From a more collective perspective, it may be that these events will prove symbolic and will effectively trigger humanity, as a whole, to break free of literal, dogmatic, and emotionally charged, unchecked imagination behind sensational thinking.

In short, religions at worst activate notions of unrequited obedience to a hierarchy or a priestcraft on one hand, and survival associated with belief based on notions of ‘being saved’ provided one believes and is obedient. Upon closer analysis, this mode of thinking can be recognized to be fear-based, subject to corrupting influences of authoritarianism and control, invariably counter-productive for society as a whole and generally immature.

Further, while religions generally aspire toward unity as a core ideal, they effectively divide people by activating culturally biased, belief-based convictions associated with literalism. As well, religious fervor tends to produce irrational perspectives based on gut-brain or instinctual, survival attitudes. In other words, the head and heart brains are not included in the equation, or at least not at very high levels, and do not operate as a whole. Interestingly, this state of perception can therefore be regarded as ‘unwholesome’ or even as ‘unholy’, based on the notion that the word holy shares direct relationship with the word ‘whole’ or its other closely associated term, ‘holistic’.

This core theme of the Composite chart could also apply to the veritable religious notions of long-term ideals and visions versus short-term realities. Specifically, self-appointed, and unelected interest groups, such as the NWO or the UN, can also be deemed guilty of zealous beliefs wherein the ends justify the means.  The main issue is between lofty notions shared by people who have little or no real empathy, and no idea what it is like for the poor of the world. Oblivious to human suffering, they congratulate themselves for thinking out of the box, but the deeper truth is that their thinking is out of touch with reality and certainly not in alignment with genuine empathy for humanity.

These globalist notions and agendas may have some merit, but there is too much mind and not enough heart. So, while their focus may not be fears based on survival instincts, there are more fully ambitions associated with calculated rationale, yet which is disconnected from the heart. Ironically, it is this very weave of emotional conviction, or its close ally, ‘entitlement’, and rationalized strategies guided by intellectual agendas, that could well prove to be the new and larger threat yet. Those at the center of these agenda-driven movements who do not have the conscious support of the greater collective and who deem themselves heroes may amount to psychopathic megalomaniacs. Tragically, some of them hold high offices that are meant to serve the needs of the populations they govern, but instead they cater to high ideals and support them with political maneuvering, aka, carefully crafted, rationalized lies justified as ‘serving the greater good’.

The Path of the Eclipse

The path of eclipses is said to bring emphasis to the regions that they trace. While this is likely to be true, it is not that literal. In other words, any Solar Eclipse will invariably play a destined role on any individual person in the world. Since a country can be regarded as a ‘person’ and any other legal entity along with actual individual people, it should be clear that the destined impact can and will have widespread implications. Of course, it would require an army of researcher Astrologers to be on the watch for such destined realities. The main point is that as significant as the path a Solar Eclipse traces is, it should not be interpreted so literally.

That said, with the much-discussed Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, dubbed “the Great American Eclipse” due especially to the Eclipse Path (which runs from the South through the middle of Mexico, then Texas through Maine and New Brunswick on a Northeast trajectory), the collective imagination has been stirred.

This is especially so since the path crosses the previous Total Solar Eclipse in the United States in 2017.


That the path runs along lines in which towns and cities with the same ‘biblical’ names has added much fuel to the hype.

In addition, during the Eclipse, the comet dubbed ‘The Devil’ will also be visible.

Thus, there is a good deal of attention directed towards this Eclipse with widely ranging interpretations, many of which are heavy and serious, especially in the United States.

Specifically, it is those who are religiously oriented who are the most wired to the implications and this is manifesting as a lot of fear. Given the overall situation linked to both major domestic and international challenges, not to mention various groups that might choose to take advantage of the generally altered state (if only due to a qualitative shift from day-to-day life that many are likely to be in), the overall situation is the recipe for a ‘perfect storm’ symbolic of events with great magnitude and deep and long-ranging implications.

New Madrid Fault Zone

On an entirely different note beyond themes of social and cultural revolutions of evolution, is the notion that Solar Eclipse paths may host other forms of energies and manifest on different levels.

In the wide scope of areas that astrology focuses on, the question of whether eclipses can be understood to trigger an earthquake is actually where it and astronomy also intersect and this simple answer is yes, as Wikipedia suggests. My interest is NOT to make predictions here; however, it is true that the cross-section of the recent Solar Eclipse path in the United States combined with this one, happens to occur in very close proximity to the New Madrid Fault Zone.

Conjunctions to Fixed Stars

Although the exact degree of the eclipse is 19 Aries 24 and the closest Fixed Star, Baten Kaitos is at about 22 Aries 20, it is just about close enough to have an influence, if somewhat less than it would if it was exactly conjunct by degree.

Interestingly due to its characteristic tendency to be akin to that of Saturn, including keywords like inhibition, reserve, caution, and solitude, brought about by outer forces or authoritarian officials, it is quite likely that the overall result of the eclipse will not be as dramatic as many are prophesying it will be, perhaps at least not at a social level. Positively, as is true of Saturn as well, with disciplined efforts and integral attitudes, the results could even prove rewarding as would be hoped by the grand experience of witnessing a Solar Eclipse live and in person.

Negatively, themes of imbalanced emotions, self-destructiveness, and even violence are also present, so it could come down to exactly where those gathering to view it will be located and what types of people will be present.

There is also the issue of ‘propagated influences’ from various people and groups, whether religious or governmental or civic as with police forces would possibly instigate the lower manifestations and the warlike reputation that portends falls and blows and other misfortune brought about by force.

So, much depends on the quality of the attitude of the people in the various gathering places that are likely to occur, amounting to hundreds of thousands of people, perhaps even into the millions.

How the Eclipse Chart as a Whole Impacts Any Given Individual PERSON

How any of us, collectively or individually will be influenced is not something that can be said quickly for the reasons of subjectivity outlined. Among the more important considerations is that we each have FREE WILL so, how we choose to respond to any such event is ever important. Just remember that while the influences of an event like a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE, as with the one on April 8, 2024, it is true that the influences can be both collective, according to national perspectives as outlined above, and very personal, as with your own Birth Chart.

So, while a general interpretation can be provided via the Sun Sign focus and Horoscopes, the real deal is that every case must be assessed on its own ground.

Something I have clarified repeatedly over the years is that MUNDANE ASTROLOGY, also generally referred to as the ‘Astrology of Nations’, recognizes that every country, state, province, city, and legal institution of any kind, (like a company for example), has a ‘Birth Chart’. It is based on the moment that the legal entity becomes official, especially as with a legal signature, but another ceremonial event might also apply. The challenge with the birth of countries is that there may be more than one start date and this is a matter of research for Mundane Astrologers regarding countries. This also applies, if and when, the given country or any of the other examples listed ‘changes’ as with some form of death and rebirth. This might be true regarding Canada, for example, regarding the Patriation Act. On April 17, 1982, legal signatures were made. You can read more HERE.

The USA Sibley birth Chart + April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse – Bi-Wheel


What is the most noteworthy theme in this Bi-wheel overlay of the April 8th Solar Eclipse and the USA Sibley Birth Chart, (the standard chart used by Astrologers, but should not be considered the only one), is the fact that it forms a very close conjunction with Chiron which is at 20 Aries 08. So the orb is less than one degree, making it extra potent and relevant.

Briefly, Chiron is an important new player in Western Astrology. Discovered in November 1977, it has been presented as an important feature of astrological analysis ever since. Some even assert that we are in a ‘Mini Chiron Age’. Its mythology reveals Chiron to be the wisest of the Centaurs, who were otherwise rogue, wild, and unruly, as might be imagined by a creature with the body of a horse and a human from the stomach up. Of course, it is a symbol of an archetypal principle.

The main theme associated is that its position represents a wound of some kind. Deciphering what the wound is, is based on its sign and house position, and its degree and aspects to other planets. This is true for any person. Part of the deeper theme is that in order to heal the wound, it is important to aspire to heal others of it as well. This seems to present a paradoxical dilemma, but it need not. It is simple; understand its core theme and aspire to integrate the healing principles into your awareness as a feature of your overall life focus.

At 20 degrees Aries and in the 4th House, the theme is basically one of healing one’s identity. More specifically, it refers to one’s authentic self, which is a key feature of Aries. At this degree, it also shares a close association with Sagittarius and Jupiter. What this basically implies is that there is amnesia regarding who and what the person (us) is.

Psychologically, the issue might be interpreted as follows:

With Chiron in Aries, your sense of ‘being’ has been violated in some way and you may fear asserting yourself. You may also over-compensate by attempting to be the first at everything. You may become a pioneer in a way which can be of service to humanity. With Chiron in the 4th House, early in your life you may have felt rejected by your family. Your home life may have been painful. As you face your pain and find inner resources you will develop compassion and an ability to help others heal their wounds of rejection and amnesia of who and what you truly are.

The answer is that we are spiritual beings having human experiences, souls incarnate. So, this is the principle that might be healed.

The implications of this theme are quite obvious and it may be said that it is this very reality that is under attack by surreptitious forces in the United States. Some might accurately argue that this is occurring all over the world and it is true. However, the truth is that the United States of America is significantly the symbol of freedom and liberty for the world. In this regard, the American Constitution is among the most important documents in the world. However, the United States has been compromised and under attack from within from its very beginning.

With Mars, the Ruling planet for Aries in Gemini and in the 7th House, what is generally regarded as the ‘blind spot’ of the chart, the issue of self-amnesia is even deeper yet. Jupiter is also in the 7th as is Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun, so the wound of ‘having forgotten who and what we truly are’ is amplified.

The fact that Chiron in the Sibley chart is square to the mid-point between the Sun and Mercury retrograde in Cancer in the 8th House, is a very psychologically complex aspect by the way, and lends even further indication of the depth and severity of the wound. Chiron also forms an Upper Inconjunct (a Scorpionic Aspect symbolic of the need to purge) to Neptune in Libra in the 9th House, which is also ‘intercepted’ and placed at the point of highest elevation.

Altogether, Neptune’s position can be regarded as the Achilles Heel of the entire chart that, as might be expected, also further exacerbates the issue of Chiron in Aries in the 4th. In short, it is the role of religion based on ‘blind faith’ fundamentalism and the notion of ‘being saved’ associated with belief. There is more to the issue of Neptune in this position and in the role it is playing, but this is at least a cornerstone issue, if not the main one.

Chiron Return – April 20, 2024

So, Chiron in the April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse Chart is poised to activate this entire theme outlined above. Furthermore, Chiron is also poised to undergo its return and this occurs on April 20, 2024, the day of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction!

Briefly, it deepens the overall theme significantly. I will not provide a whole analysis at this time, (but will soon, so subscribe HERE for free to receive updates if you are interested), but it basically indicates something of a wild ride giving rise to a whole new perspective on spirituality which will unfold over the next 17 years or so!

That said, we should see the beginnings of his overall process soon. I will say with confidence that it is already significantly underway. Yet, there remain some significant hurdles… So, I will bring more attention to this in a separate article, yet for now, here is the chart for the Chiron Return, 


Briefly, what stands out is the emphasis on planets in the 4th House, including Chiron. It is not a given that this would be the case. The close alignment of Mercury and Venus and the Lunar North Node in Aries lends to a creative dynamic destined to unfold. The Sun in Taurus along with the EXACT conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus is quite promising. Pluto in the 2nd House, the House ruled by Taurus, in Aquarius at the lowest degree and in square to the Sun indicates a powerful impulse to undergo revolutionary changes that will serve to redefine the purpose of the nation. The adjoined Chiron and Aries factor indicates the need to reclaim the self. Mars at the mid-point of Saturn and Neptune in Pisces forming a stellium and in an opportunistic sextile to the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction offers even further reason to feel optimistic that a quality of rebirth is destined and since Sagittarius is on the Ascendant, as it is in the Sibly Birth Chart and which is ruled by Jupiter supports this overall theme even more. In short, the time has come to transcend the grips of religion and embrace the high vibrational principles of what it means to be truly spiritual. What it implies is the science of the soul as opposed to blind, religious belief.


USA Sibley Chart – Pluto Return: 2-20-2022

In closing on this perspective, it should be noted that on 2-20-2022 the United States experienced its Pluto Return. This provides an even larger contextual backdrop to this entire focus. Many have commented that it would invariably manifest as a powerful transformational process, one of death and rebirth.

So, looking at the state of the union, this is quite evidently underway. It is not ‘the end’, but the rebirthing process is still in its early stages and the dynamic is hardly over. As with the Chiron Return, it too merits deeper investigation, and articles can undoubtedly be found on the internet, but I too will offer my own insights at some point in the near future. Since Pluto has a 246-year cycle, there remains time to do that, but here is the chart anyway.


I will leave it here for now, aside from some final words related to the hysteria being stirred by this historic eclipse.

Neptune and Imagination Producing Inspiration or Hysteria

On a final note, it is noteworthy that many of the interpretations surrounding the April 8, 2024 Total Solar Eclipse are associated with hype laced with wild conspiracy theories. This is not to say that there is no truth in them, however. Life is all about interpretation, after all. Yet, the downside of imagination is when it is directly associated with instinct as opposed to intuition. The survival impulses of imagination that instinct implies, can prove helpful, effective, and valuable, but it is also the very thing that causes high levels of speculation that is presented as ‘fact’ and ‘truth’ as opposed to theory and hypothesis.

Regarding knowledge and perception, theoretical perspectives without conclusive speculation and assumption are signs of hysteria and emotional imbalance and should at least be approached with caution. The question to ask is: “How much of what is asserted is fiction or speculation gone wild?” You can explore it further yourself, as there is plenty of talk about it online. We will soon know how accurate the various perspectives are and that will prove interesting to reflect upon later.

Hopefully, this eclipse will manifest as the healing impulse that it appears to represent, and the fear-driven sensation will be recognized for what it is. Given the mix of excitement, anxiety, and fear that has stirred, the result of it will probably prove mixed as well, with some experiencing dramatic challenges, perhaps even negatively influencing entire groups of people, while many others will be uplifted with sheer elation due to what might be expected by the deeply moving and mystical experience that a Total Solar Eclipse is known to produce in people.


How will this powerful Solar Eclipse impact you personally, now, and in the years to come?

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