The Moon Cycle Club

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Join the Moon Cycle Club
Starting Sunday, February 11, 2024
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For greater attunement to the natural cycle of the Moon...
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and for interactive group discussions.
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Are you sensitive to the Moon? Do you notice that your moods sometimes change suddenly, for no apparent reason? Do you consider yourself an empath? Are you a ‘lunar’ or a ‘solar’ type, or somewhere in between?

Join the Moon Cycle Club!

Starting February 11, 2024. Sign up below...

The Moon Cycle Club is all about gaining greater self-awareness and attunement to the Moon. It begins with gaining specific, valuable insight about the placement of the Moon in your Birth Chart. The focus extends to the influence of the New Moon each month, both generally and for club members, specifically. We each experience what is called a Lunar Return every 27.5 days, respective to our Moon sign which offers valuable insights, and members will receive a detailed report about their ‘return’ every month.


Some of the Benefits as a Member of the Moon Cycle Club:

* A Welcome package that includes an outline of the Moon in your chart, its sign and house placement, phase, and aspects.

* FREE Membership with access to weekly and monthly membership content. Learn about Membership benefits.

* Monthly, 90-minute, live interactive group discussions on Zoom led by Michael (that will also be recorded as audio and visual that will be sent to you by email).

* A Lunar Return Report specifically based on your Birth Chart will be sent to you each month.

* A better understanding of the current cycles of the Moon and its specific influence on you, including the Progressed Moon.

* Deepened self-awareness and attunement to your nature and the rhythmic influences of the Moon on yourself, and others in your life.

* Rich, fascinating, and relevant knowledge about the Moon, in general.


No background knowledge or prior experience with Astrology is required.


With the increased knowledge and self-awareness that you will develop as a MEMBER of the Moon Cycle Club, you will learn about one of the most fundamental foundational features of Astrology, both generally and personally.

Join below for just $28.00 per month (CAD)

Learn MORE About What You Get

1) Monthly Interactive Group Discussions...READ MORE

These 90+ minute interactive discussions via Zoom with Michael and other Club members will have a Moon-centered focus. Plenty of insights on current, and upcoming aspects of the Moon for the coming weeks will be shared. While Michael will provide members with many angles and levels of insight regarding the influences of the Moon, Q&A and sharing of personal experiences by members will also be encouraged.

Can’t make it live? Each monthly discussion will be recorded both as audio and visual and sent to you by email.

2) Your Monthly Lunar Return Report ...READ MORE

A Lunar Return Report will be emailed to you each month that is specific to your own personal birth chart!

The birth chart of each Club Member will be calculated so that the moment the Moon returns to its natal position each month a chart can be calculated. This is where Club involvement becomes much more personalized.

3) FREE Membership...READ MORE

You’ll be gifted a FREE Membership, which provides you with access to comprehensive weekly and monthly membership content, plus an automatic discount on Readings and Gift Certificates!

Learn about Membership benefits.