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1-on-1 Tutorial with Michael
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to Guide Your Learning with Holistic Understanding & Precision
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From Beginner to Advanced
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With a Masterful Professional
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Have you ever been curious to learn Western Astrology, either as a hobby, part-time business, or rewarding career or perhaps as an additional skill to an existing coaching or counseling practice?

Learn Astrology with Michael

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You are intrigued and fascinated with Astrology and intuitively recognize that studying it will increase your creative thinking faculties, awakening you to a rich holistic perspective of life that you can apply to many other fields of knowledge and practice.

Perhaps you want to learn it to understand yourself better and also to help others with the wisdom it provides.

 You realize that Astrology is a profound and sophisticated tool beyond common perceptions, that it is a natural psychology with deep spiritual roots and you want to understand yourself and how it works, better. You recognize that success with your studies includes establishing a solid foundation and you might even commit to understanding it at the level of a practitioner.

But… perhaps you feel intimidated and overwhelmed regarding how to best approach studying it without it taking years…

If this sounds like you, then you have come to the right place!

Start wherever you are in your studies and go at your own pace. See the Tutorial Packages to choose from below.... ?

Astrology is a time-honored art and science. Among the many exciting things about it is that it works! In our increasingly materialistic, plastic, and artificial world, Astrology stands strong as a clear testimony that life is conscious, intelligent, intentional, creative, purposeful, and ultimately loving as revealed by the beauty of nature.

Learning Astrology reveals that we are not simply ‘in’ the natural world, we are veritable expressions of it. This holistic understanding of life and reality is both deeply inspiring and empowering. Knowing how to read the rich meanings of the symbolic map that is the Astrology Chart will empower you to guide and empower others.

However, learning Astrology deeply and quickly is not easily achieved. Often it takes many years of study and practice. Although it can appear deceptively simplistic, gaining a deep, thorough, and whole understanding of how and why it works and can be applied can prove to be a long and expensive process.

However, via a tutorial process, I can significantly deepen your understanding due to the unique, holistic approach to teaching it that I take, and I will greatly accelerate your learning curve process.

In addition to over 25 years of full-time practice as a professional astrologer, I have also taught Astrology for many years and am able to translate complex features into easily understandable principles that you will be able to apply quickly. 


In addition to a solid foundation of the basics of Astrology based on a deep and accelerated approach, I will provide you with rare and profound insights into how and why it works. This will boost your conviction about it and your confidence levels to both continue your studies and dive into practicing it. 

Despite the live, one-to-one focus of the tutorial process, you can still proceed at your own pace. Each session is designed to be 30 to 60 minutes and you will be given study materials between each session and will be given recommended reading, as well.

You can choose to meet 2-3 each week if you are really eager, or the sessions can be spread out with weeks in between and you will be in the driver’s seat regarding the time intervals between each session.

The goal of your study process will be to provide you with a deep understanding, yet which is easy to grasp. As well, the holistic approach will support you to be able to make your own interpretations without having to rely on external books and other sources.


So, let’s get started!


Take the initiative today to embark on an exciting and rewarding journey of learning to deepen, accelerate, and refine your knowledge of Astrology and yourself!



Learn Astrology with Michael O'Connor, Astrologer

There are 3 Tutorial Packages to choose from:


Each Package includes more BONUS TIME than the previous one.

All lessons are targeted to be 30-60 minutes and include notes and study guidelines between each lesson.

Instruction will be via Zoom or Skype, to allow face-to-face dialogue and screen sharing for course materials, and all training sessions will be digitally recorded for you to build your learning library.

* The first package entitled FOUNDATION is 3.5 hours, or seven 30-minute lessons.

* The second package entitled BASE CAMP is 6 hours, or twelve 30-minute lessons and, in addition to the seven lessons included in Foundation, five more major steps will be added.

* The third package called SUMMIT is 13 hours, or twenty-six 30-minute lessons, and in addition to the twelve previous lessons, fourteen more major steps will be added.


Michael’s class was a very informative overview on how to read and interpret an astrological calendar and how I can use it in my daily life. It helps me be aware of potential moods and influences due to the positions of the moon and planets. I am now better able to plan my day as to whether it likely will be good for communication, physical activity, making an important purchase, gardening, and/or spiritual matters.” ~ Gerry

Purchase your package below, and begin your learning adventure today!

Questions? Or want to discuss the learning format first?

Contact me

to discuss how I can best support your studies in a format that works best for you!


Michael O'Connor, Astrologer - Light Life Coaching


This package is ideal to either get started, or fine-tune a particular understanding, or to sample my teaching and mentoring style.

3.5 hours for $300 (includes tax)


This package builds on the Foundation and will help you deepen your knowledge and confidence.

6 hours for $500 (includes tax)

Learn Astrology


This package is is for the serious student ready to start a professional Astrology practice, with plenty of strategy and direction for a successful career, or part-time business.

13 hours for $1,000 (includes tax)